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Home Cleaning

Smart Home Cleaning Devices For a Tech Lover

During this crisis there is nothing more therapeutic then a clean home.

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Nest looking into how adapt your smart home to the older generation

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Smart home

Getting Your Home Ready to be Smart

Find out how you can get your home Smart Home ready!

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loxone heating graphic

The benefits of smart heating

Discover the financial and experience benefits from introducing smart heating controls

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Welcome to Your New Front Door

Since the doorbell is the first part of the house which your visitors can interact with, Nest Labs made sure that the Nest Hello design was very friendly and easy to notice.

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A “worldwide standard for home & control” has been KNX’s motto for almost twenty years and KNX´s driving force for Home & Building Control.

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future Automate

Future Automation

Future Automation specialises in automated structure design and auto video solutions. The company takes pride in the ability to work with their customers to deliver the best experience, quality and solutions.

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tesla charge

Charging At Home

find out how Charging at home can benefit you.

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Whats smart technology got in store in 2020?

Find out what 2020's got in store for technology.

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Google Nest - What's Changing

The recent combining of Nest into Google to form Google Nest - What's changing in their approach and what's this mean for customers?

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smart Home

How to become more efficient with a smart home

How could a smart home benefit your way of living to be more efficient.

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Home Automation Benefits: Is A Smart Home For You?

All the benefit of a smart home so you can see if a smart home is for you

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5 FAQ's on a wireless smart home

Find out the most asked about wireless smart homes

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Smart home technology for seniors

Find out how having a smart home can help the elderly.

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What Makes the Best Home Cinema Projector?

Find out what makes the best home cinema projector.

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Trends 2019

5 Smart home trends for 2019

Looking at whats trending within the home automation industry in 2019.

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sofa lights speakers

How to Pick the Right Home Speakers

Get tips on how to choose the right speaker set up for your home

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home- camera

Benefits Of Having Home Security Cameras

Find out why have home security implemented into your home can benefit you.

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Alexa - devices

Smart home devices are growing in popularity

See how smart devices are growing in popularity and why.

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Family - Home - Tablet

Smart Homes Can Help Parents

Find out how a smart home can benefit your little ones learn, develop and stay safe.

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outdoor speaker

How to choose the right outdoor speaker setup

Find out what you need to know to make the decision on the right outdoors speaker system for you.

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nest cameras

Nest Cams have just become even smarter

find out all you need to know about Nest Cameras and how they can benefit you.

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Beach deck chair

Smart homes mean more relaxing holidays

Rest easy when your away from home knowing your home is kept safe and will alert you to any changes.

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bulb money

4 simple ways to reduce your energy bills

Find out how changing your home to a smart home can help cut cost of your energy bills.

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loxone lights

9 reasons for smart lighting in a home

Nine reasons why smart lighting can benefit your home.

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home lock chain

10 Home Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Find out all the things you need to avoid to keep you and your home safe from unwanted entry.

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cinema screen chairs

4K, Entertainment, Home Cinema

Find out all you need to know on home cinema entertainment.

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The Advantages of Solar Panels in your Smart Home

Introducing Solar panels to your smart home through Loxones simple and cost effect designs

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New - Faradite Black Motion Sensor

The recently released black motion sensor by Faradite - A look into how this will benefit smart homes.

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Benefits Of Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are at the core of a home automation system meaning that inputs can trigger autonomous actions based on configuration.

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9 Devices For A Smart Garden

Expanding your smart system beyond the home and into the garden can reduce the amount of daily tasks and offer better control over your entire property.

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Smart Security and Alarms

What's the possibilities with smart security and alarms through home automation?

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3 reasons why we love home automation

Our justification to being involved within the home automation industry

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Google Max

Google Max Review

Out thoughts on Google latest product the Google Max.

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Smart Home

Smart Home FAQs

Here the most frequently asked questions about smart homes and why they could be perfect for your home.

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Four Trends For A Home Cinema

We look ahead to the four biggest trends for luxury home cinema's in 2019

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Sonos Beam Review

An look into why the Sonos Beam has made large waves in the speaker sector and how Sonos upgraded it's soundbar options.

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What is a secure smart home?

Security for ourselves, family and possessions have become an increasing worry for our homes but what is a secure smart home?

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Smart Home options

5 Smart Home devices that won't ruin your homes aesthetics

You want your home to have smart devices but still have the aesthetics that reflect you. Here are some smart home devices that are also stylish enough to have on display.

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Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Advice

You know you want a home cinema but there are so many options out there, how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Hopefully we can help.

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Smart home

Why you should be building a smart home

A smart home is environmentally and economically friendly, as well as having many other benefits, all of which are reason you should be incorporating them into your home.

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Fire place

Ultimate smart Heating Controls Guide

Have you ever wondered what smart heating actually does? Let us explain

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Smart home

Why Future Proof your Smart Home

Why you should prepare your home for the future of smart technology and ways in which you can do this

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Google Home family

Google Home

What is Google Home? We explain what the products are and how to use them

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How To Create A Smart Kitchen

Creating a smart kitchen can be a difficult task when you don't know what you could include, but we've covered all the basics you need to know.

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Home Cinema Projection Screens

Why we always recommend a projector screen and how to choose the best projection screen for your home cinema

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Security Checklist For A Smart Home

Planning to make a home more security can be complicated, so we've pieced together a checklist to maximise your security with smart technology.

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Adult child ipad

Five smart home family favourites

What we consider to be the top family favourites based on customer experience.

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Nest Smart Thermostat

Benefit from one of the best smart thermostats on the market. But what makes it so great?

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What is room climate?

Understand room climate and the way smart heating can support your homes temperature.

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What Wireless Speaker Set Up Would Suit You?

How should you design the setup for wireless smart speakers in your home.

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Will Smart Locks Replace Keys?

Following the trend of having smart door locks, will they finally replace the use of physical keys?

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Emergency Benefits with a Smart Home

How much could your smart home help you in an emergency? Surprisingly, more than you would assume.

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Sonos Beam

Following the release of the Sonos Beam soundbar - we look into this new device that joined the market

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Smart Heating FAQs

Answering the frequently asked questions regarding smart heating

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Smart Building

How business can benefit from Smart Home Automation

Introducing smart technologies into your commercial properties can offer extensive benefits

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What is a Smart Home?

What is a Smart Home?

The components that make up a smart home.

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Nest Pro

New partnership with Nest UK to offer their expert range of Smart Thermostat, Security Cameras, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

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Child pressing switch

Childproofing in a Smart Home

How your smart home can keep your family safe.

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DoorBird partnership

Home Automate has partnered with DoorBird to offer the best IP intercom's on the market

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wired vs wireless

Wired Vs Wireless

Comparison between wireless and wired installations of smart technology highlighting the applications and benefits

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Five Reasons on why you must own a music server in your smart home

Five reasons why you need a music server in your smart home.

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Five Reasons For Multi-Room Audio

Five reasons why you should incorporate multi-room audio into your home automation project

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Popular Choice - Home Automation

There is an ever increasing demand for home automation but why and how could you benefit?

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Faradite Partnership

Partnership between Faradite and Home Automate to offer luxury smart controls for our home automation developments

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Unique Lighting Design For A Smart Home

Advice on how to develop the best smart lighting solutions for your home automation project.

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Crestron - Home Automation Systems

A world leading home automation systems and a key driver behind innovation smart home technology.

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Lilin - Professional Security Technology

Discover Lilin Surveillance Solutions - Professional security technology from IP Cameras to Network Video Recorders

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Partnership with Invision UK

We've teamed up with the UK's leading distributor of smart home technologies to extend our products available

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Meridian Audio

Meridian Audio - Personalised, Designers, Creators of luxury entertainment systems. The audio brand behind Jaguar and Land Rover that's pushing the boundaries of speaker technology

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Official Meridian Dealer

Home Automate has become official dealers of Meridian Audio products - The Pioneers Of High Resolution Audio

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Sonos - Wireless Home Sound Systems - Our insight into the brand and history between the speakers taking the audio industry by storm

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Authorised Sonos Dealer

Home Automate have become Authorised Sonos Dealers for the latest home entertainment systems

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Home Automate Visits Meridian Audio

Home Automate visited Meridian Audio to discover what makes them so special in the entertainment industry and how our clients can benefit from their speakers

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What is CAT 7?

What is CAT 7 cabling and why do we recommend using CAT 7 when installing smart technology?

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Loxone Logo


The brand at the core of our home automation services and why we can create spectacular smart homes

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