Smart entertainment is the latest way to enjoy multi-room audio and home entertainment seamlessly through rooms. Immerse yourself in your smart network, enhancing audio possibilities.

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Creating Bespoke Audio within your Home

The possibilities are endless with smart audio. Have you ever wanted to continually listen to your music when going to make a cup of coffee or simply welcome your guests with smart audio? Smart audio achieves this and so much more. With endless speech functionalities to support your home life and routine, you’ll have the ability to create any audio you desire. Extend the possibilities by linking your text-to-speech functionalities in our smart home system to create your bespoke home.

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Smart Audio Applications

Creating a unique audio experience within your home has always been simple and effective with Home Automate’s smart technology. Take advantage of features such as; custom doorbell signs for far away rooms, waking up to your favourite playlist to start your day in smooth fashion or having a bespoke announcements of when your pet wants to come inside. All audio can be played within specific rooms so you don’t disturb guests or family members. Your alerts could be room-tailored to your personal office. Or… you could even call your kids down for dinner as loud as you wish, powering through their gaming console audio.

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Discrete Installation

Home Automate specialise in discrete installation of audio systems that do not hinder room aesthetic. We offer bespoke ceiling and wall speakers designed especially for your home. They provide perfect, crisp audio quality whilst being discreet and small in size. Do not worry about large equipment or wires, all our solutions are sleek and use space efficiently.

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Every Audio Possibility at Your Fingertips

Our smart control system is renowned for being easy to use and incredibly clever. You can control your smart system audio, room-to-room, seamlessly. Link to any smart device or music service that suits you with integrated smart switches providing an easy control point for skipping songs, audio level and equalising with single touches. Enjoy our unique presentation of audio in each room with the ability to change volume, choose playlists and much, much more. The possibilities are endless and at your fingertips.

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