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Why Automate Smart Heating Controls?

Automating your smart heating reduces wasted energy, protects the environment and reduces your costs. All of these benefits directly occur from using Home Automate’s smart heating system. You can take complete control of all heat sources, individually or grouped. This allows you to create the perfect temperature, in each and every room helping you relax, concentrate or rest. Many of our customers are surprised they don’t require a new heating system. Our smart and efficient heating solutions are applicable to your current heating system, making it easy for you to make the switch. Most likely, you’ll save any costs incurred in installation through a reduction in energy waste!

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We Keep You Comfortable for Less

Our system uses individual sensors, enabled to operate single or grouped heat sources within your home. This results in only using heating in rooms you’re using, reducing energy and your costs. You have the option to group regularly used rooms and advance other rooms (e.g. a guest bedroom) such that the room is perfectly prepared when your guests arrive. You can take satisfaction knowing that every family member or guest is comfortable in each of their respective rooms.

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Smart Heating that Learns About You

Your system is specifically designed to learn, develop and make changes around you. This includes everything about your room usage habits on each day of the week. By gathering your needs, Home Automate’s smart heating takes action, implementing subtle changes. Your heating system can adjust temperatures automatically, becoming ever more suited to your needs.

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Easy to control

Smart heating provides the opportunity to allow your heating to become autonomous, but we ensure that you still maintain control over every feature by either smart switches, voice control or utilising the app. However don’t panic, control options have been developed with the best user interface and ease of use. This easy access allows to overall control of your home, always be within reaching distance. The app becomes even easier with the ability to customise and develop moods.

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Protecting Each and Every Room

Whilst using Home Automate’s smart heating, you’ll never have to worry about frost damage within your home’s unused rooms. Our system has a specifically designed frost protection mode that constantly monitors and maintains room temperatures accordingly. Our smart heating technology detects and activates during cold temperatures. This ensures every room is protected and has heat waste reduction savings and is ready whenever you need it. This ability further enhances efficiency throughout the whole home by reducing energy wasted to heat rooms neighbouring cold ones.

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Intelligent Planning Maintaining Comfort

Our smart heat scheduling quickly became a favourite feature for our customer’s homes and will most likely be yours. By learning your daily schedule and when each room should be heated, your home creates a bespoke, efficient heating schedule that revolves around you for all times of the day. With this unique feature, you’ll never have to worry about you or your family coming home to a cold house. Your home prepares any room you need for your arrival.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Living Space?

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Smart Efficiency = Smart Savings

Eradicate worries about undiscovered flaws in your current heating system by integrating alert responses to decreased energy performance and the requirement of maintenance. Our smart home heating system will notify you on it’s own recommendations to maximise your efficiency saving you time and money. Home Automate’s system collaborates with your other smart systems to ensure you’re always keeping your cost low and efficiency high.

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On Demand Stats that truly help you.

Our smart systems generate statistical reports of your entire home. These reports monitor expenditure and highlight potential inefficiencies that you could improve. These insights can be customised by your requirements, to suit a budget. Your home reports demonstrate how much you have saved by moving to a smart heating system daily, monthly, annually and lifetime.