Burglar alarm triggered on iPhone

Early Detection for Home Issues

Water Leaks - Water leaks are a huge frustration and even more so if you’re away. A leak poses a damage risk to your property and has many causes like a faulty appliance, burst pipes or even a minor leak. To prevent damage, your home will alert you so you can decide the best course of action.

Fire & Smoke- The sooner a fire is detected, the greater opportunity you have to save your home, possessions and most importantly, your family from any harm. Home Automation offers faultlessly reliable detection using temperature and smoke sensors.

Lighting, Speakers, Windows and Tablet control in hexagons

Smart Home = Safe Home

A Home Automate smart system takes your security to the next level. Our systems are specifically designed to be integrated with additional smart technologies to produce bespoke, progressive alarms that suit your home. For example, alarms can be supplemented with flashing lights, opening blinds, automated phone calls, loud speaker alarms and mobile alerts.