Bright ceiling with rgbw led spot lights and moition sensor

Why use Smart Lighting?

Smart lighting offers the ability to change your home’s atmosphere to suit your activity. Whether you’re working, relaxing or resting, our lighting solutions will provide you with the best ambience. Not only does smart lighting improve your efficiency and use of electricity around your home, it allows you to create the best ambience for your home on any occasion. Our lighting is equipped with RGBW lights which are incredible at producing any colour lighting and scientifically developed to be gentle on the eyes.

Smart kitchen with purple and green lighting

Fast, Simple Lighting Control

Your smart lighting is controlled by a smart panel, always within reach. Use well-established access points such as smart switches and multi-device apps to become the master of lighting in your home. Each control point is tailored to suit you as part of your installation. We commonly configure three touches to engage an ‘All Out’ mode where every light is turned off.

We include bespoke features such as two-touches configuring the current room’s lighting to be turned off. Throughout the process, you are not only limited to smart switches but enjoy the benefits of an app, customisable by you. You can set up controls to alter your preferences such as colour, strength and lighting type.

Bright ceiling with loxone rgbw led lights and motion sensor

Automatic Sensors that Brighten Rooms

If smart switches are not quite fast enough, Home Automate installs discrete motion sensors that remove requirements for smart switches or apps. Enjoy the simplicity of living in your home without any hassle. Our sensors are bespokely designed to match the brightness required in your room and the perfect lighting required for your activity. Our smart system carefully calculates your bespoke solution to make your home as comfortable as it should be.

Smart kitchen with ribrant purple and green lighting

Get creative with Home Automation

The possibilities are endless with smart lighting automation. For example, instead of relying on your harsh phone alarm, you could be woken gently with an introductory light. For your next get-together or party, you can leave your party lights in the loft and create a show. Discover all the possibilities with smart lighting.

Loxone app showing energy monitor

Save energy and running costs

It’s a common myth that the more technology you have in your home the more energy it will use. In reality, it couldn’t be further from the truth. Each and every one of our smart technologies is designed specifically to increase energy efficiency all around the home. Set your own customisable controls to ensure you can save energy quickly such as ‘All lights out’ shortcuts. Smart lighting sensors are able to enhance your home's efficiency completely, ensuring all lights are out in unattended rooms.

Security camera above sairway

Security and Disability Applications

Combine with other smart systems to offer extra features to enhance your lifestyle. For example, you can enjoy your music and still be aware someone is at the door with unique lighting sequences. Integration with security allows your home to be lit up when triggered. The functional benefits are endless, even supporting the hearing impaired. Utilising visual stimuli linked to specific actions offers a unique solution. You can create endless smart lighting to support your home’s capabilities.

It’s also popular to use our smart lighting as an intruder deterrent, protecting your home and possessions from anywhere in the world. Each holiday you take can include a bespoke solution to ensure your house remains secure.

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