Experience Cinema Like Never Before

Dive into the luxury of a personalized cinema experience right in your home. Home Automate, in partnership with Loxone, KNX, and Control 4, crafts bespoke home cinema systems that blend high-end technology with seamless design. Whether you're looking to integrate a full-scale theater or a multi-room audio system, our expert installations promise to transform your entertainment experience. Explore how our smart solutions can bring the magic of the movies into your living room.

home cinema with mountains on screen

The Ultimate Entertainment Experience

Immersive, luxurious and perfect for you - three elements we achieve in each of our home cinema installations by creating a bespoke solution with the best products and unique designs. As a nation, we love the cinema experience by many of us seek the next level of entertainment and a home cinema fulfils the desire and delivers more.

Popcorn in cinema box

Automated Entertainment

Taking your home cinema experience to an unprecedented level of entwining with home automation. Nothing means luxury more than a simple touch which presents your screen, drops down the projector, closes blackout blinds, increases the temperature to comfort mode, engages your bespoke surround sound, dims the lights and warms your cinema seat.

high quality meridian speaker

High Quality Speakers

Your cinema experience relies on high-quality sound and visuals - Cinema surround sound is an essential aspect of any home entertainment system. We ensure the best range of speakers on the market complemented by our bespoke designs and layouts for a superior experience.

Luxury home cinema seating

Luxury Seating

Made To Measure - Perfectly Design - Bespoke Comfort

Each home cinema will come with a unique design and layout using the latest professional recommendations to give you the luxury seating you deserve.

CAD Drawing

Custom Installs

Every Home Automate project receives a bespoke design for each element to make your home unique. Our design team ensure the best custom installation solution for every piece of your entertainment system, overcoming any challenges you may offer. It's our role to make a smooth transition to a smarter lifestyle.

unique projector screen

Bespoke Displays

Your display can enhance, not only the visual aspect but also the experience of your home cinema. Each project can integrate motorised screen curtains, in-ceiling to even width expanding projection screens which are coordinated with a simple button to initiate screen preparation, projector turn-on, seat heating and lights dimming.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Living Space?