Loxone: The Ultimate Smart Home Experience

Pioneering the Smart Home Revolution

In today's fast-paced world, your home should be more than just a place to rest. It should be a sanctuary, an intelligent hub that understands and adapts to your needs. Loxone does precisely that. Born out of an ambitious vision in Austria, this brand aims to redefine the boundaries of home automation, and the results? Over 260,000 satisfied homeowners across the globe.

A Heritage Rooted in Innovation

"No gimmicks, only intelligent homes." This isn't just a slogan; it's the very essence of Loxone. Founders Thomas Moser & Martin Öller embarked on a mission back in 2009: to develop a system that made homes smart, but without sacrificing the warmth and comfort of a personal touch. The success story of Loxone, with its inception as a two-man mission to its global reach today, speaks volumes about its commitment to excellence.

Loxone CEOs sitting in front of a Loxone showhome
Lighting: Setting the Mood Right

Imagine coming home after a long day, and the lights adjust just as you like them. Soft, warm hues for relaxation, or perhaps bright and lively for a gathering? Loxone's smart lighting automation ensures that your home always reflects the right mood, adapting to your routines, weather, and even the time of day. No more manual tweaking; let Loxone illuminate your life.

Living room inside loxone showhome with rgb lighting
Intelligent Heating and Cooling: A Symphony of Comfort

What's better than a home that’s always at the perfect temperature? With Loxone's heating and cooling automation, your home learns and adjusts. Whether it's the chilly winter evenings or the sweltering summer afternoons, the system ensures optimal comfort. Moreover, it’s not just about luxury but also efficiency, ensuring energy savings without you lifting a finger.

Woman sitting on a sofa next to a cozy fire
Multi-Room Audio: Music to Your Ears

Music has the power to transform moods. And with Loxone's multi-room audio solution, every corner of your home can resonate with the melodies you love. Seamlessly integrate your favorite streaming services, or dive into your personal collection. Whether it's a house party or a tranquil evening with a book, let the rhythms flow.

Loxone in ceiling speaker
A Holistic Approach to Safety

Beyond automation, there's a profound sense of security in a Loxone smart home. It's not just about alarms and locks, but an integrated approach that monitors, learns, and acts. From potential fire threats to intrusions, Loxone keeps a watchful eye, ensuring that you and your loved ones are always safeguarded.

Phone showing loxone app burglar alarm

Conclusion: The Loxone Promise

A Loxone smart home isn't just about gadgets and tech. It's a lifestyle, a promise of unmatched comfort, safety, and luxury. It's about coming home to a place that knows you, understands you, and strives to make every moment special.

Ready to Revolutionize Your Living Space?