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How To Create A Smart Kitchen

Creating a smart kitchen can be a difficult task when you don't know what you could include, but we've covered all the basics you need to know.

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Home Cinema Projection Screens

Why we always recommend a projector screen and how to choose the best projection screen for your home cinema

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Security Checklist For A Smart Home

Planning to make a home more security can be complicated, so we've pieced together a checklist to maximise your security with smart technology.

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Adult child ipad

Five smart home family favourites

What we consider to be the top family favourites based on customer experience.

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Nest Smart Thermostat

Benefit from one of the best smart thermostats on the market. But what makes it so great?

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What is room climate?

Understand room climate and the way smart heating can support your homes temperature.

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What Wireless Speaker Set Up Would Suit You?

How should you design the setup for wireless smart speakers in your home.

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Will Smart Locks Replace Keys?

Following the trend of having smart door locks, will they finally replace the use of physical keys?

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Emergency Benefits with a Smart Home

How much could your smart home help you in an emergency? Surprisingly, more than you would assume.

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Sonos Beam

Following the release of the Sonos Beam soundbar - we look into this new device that joined the market

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