Smart house

Why you should be building a smart home

Smart homes streamline daily routines with integrated technology for security, energy efficiency, and convenience, appealing to modern lifestyles and offering a valuable investment for the future.

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Loxone smart home heating app

Ultimate Smart Heating Controls Guide

Explore the world of smart heating controls, a revolutionary Smart Home Technology solution that offers unparalleled comfort and control over your home's temperature. With the ability to learn from your daily routines, smart heating controls adjust your home's temperature automatically, providing comfort, convenience, and savings on utility bills. This comprehensive guide dives into how smart heating works, its benefits, and why it's an essential upgrade for modern living.

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Future house

Why Future Proof your Smart Home

Future-proofing your smart home involves considering transport for electric vehicles, investing in comprehensive wiring for seamless integration and expansion, choosing high-capacity cables for robust connectivity, managing device control through unified systems, and considering the size and internet dependency of smart devices for continuous functionality.

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Google home family

Google Home

Google Home is a smart speaker line by Google, responding to voice commands via Google Assistant. It offers music playback, smart device control, and information access. Featuring a customizable design, it fits well in home decor. Setup is simple through the Google Home app. It requires voice activation and an internet connection to operate, excelling in delivering accurate information from Google's vast database.

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Smart Kitchen

How to Create a Smart Kitchen

Smart kitchens incorporate technology to enhance cooking and living experiences, featuring voice-controlled appliances, smart fridges, and integrated lighting and heating systems. They provide convenience, efficiency, and a touch of modernity, allowing for easy control over various kitchen functions and creating an adaptable environment for any activity.

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Cinema projection

Home Cinema Projection Screens

For an optimal home cinema, select a projection screen that fits your space and viewing habits. Consider electric screens for convenience, manual for flexibility, rear projection for unobstructed viewing, or fixed frame for a stable image. Size, aspect ratio, and installation are key factors to ensure a premium viewing experience.

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Fire place with shades

How Shading Supports a Smart Home

We look at how shading can improve all aspects of a smart home such as heating, lighting, and security.

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Rose gold speaker

What Wireless Speaker Set Up Would Suit You?

Choosing the right wireless speaker setup depends on your daily lifestyle and home layout. Options range from simple in-ceiling speakers for background music, soundbars for enhanced TV audio, to full surround systems for an immersive audio experience. Consider integration with your smart home system for seamless control across different rooms.

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External security camera

Security Checklist For A Smart Home

To ensure a secure smart home, integrate burglary protection with advanced sensors for motion, windows, and doors. Include smoke alarms and temperature sensors for safety against fires. Utilize weather sensors to protect against environmental damages. Maintain security systems by keeping detectors clean, correctly positioned, and regularly tested.

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Adult child ipad

Five smart home family favourites

Smart home favorites for families include: keyless locks for easy access, smart lighting for ambiance, multi-zone audio for entertainment, self-maintaining pools, and text-to-speech for in-home messaging, enhancing convenience and enjoyment in daily life.

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