What wireless speaker set up would suit you?

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We often ask ourselves, what kind of music system should I choose? What speakers should I use? Do I go for wireless or wired speakers? Should I have a surround sound system? What would be the correct sound channel system for me? Should I have my TV linked to my speakers? Or would the sound of the TV be good enough?

Many options are out there, but making the correct choice to pick the right multimedia solution that will keep you and your family satisfied can be a difficult task, it shouldn't be that way. But what are the things that we should consider when making these choices?

One question that we always suggest you ask first is ‘’What is the role that my multimedia system will play in my daily life?’’ That is a fundamental question, and that's why we are here to guide you and give you a few suggestions.

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Multiroom Audio In A Real Smart Home.

It can be said that music is always around everything you and your family do on a daily basis. From music playing in the background when you are cooking dinner, to a specific playlist that you have put together to create a perfect atmosphere for an excellent summer BBQ.

Music is constantly playing a prevalent role in our lives, and that’s why we believe it is an essential element in a Real Smart Home. With that in mind, we have come up with some key factors that will help you choose the right Multi-Room Audio system.

Not only giving you and your family the option to play music anywhere in the house from different sources, but also giving you a level of audio control and choice in any room of your home.

Which Setup Really Suits You?

Many different music servers and speakers offer an excellent solution for you and your family, granting a fascinating Multi-Room Entertainment Audio experience. With the living room though, there is always a specific question. Should my home cinema system be connected to my Smart Home Audio system? 

Here are a few different things you should take into consideration before deciding to have that level of integration at home.

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Keep It Simple. 

A simple yet great option would involve having your speakers installed in the ceiling or walls. In this type of choice, however, the TV is not linked to the Smart Home system, and the audio is coming from the TV that is playing through its built-in speaker. 

This reliable solution gives you the option to still enjoy a Multi-Room Entertainment system features in your Smart Home without having to worry about the integration of your TV and keeping it simple.

High Elevation Sound Experience.

Enjoying the latest blockbuster with an impressive audio experience at home is now possible and easy to achieve. You want to look into getting a good quality soundbar that connects directly to your TV giving it a more cinema-feeling to enjoy a box of popcorn while watching your favourite film. 

When it's time for your daily dose of music, your favourite radio station or your favourite playlist for the evening, this would be handled entirely by your preferred Smart Home System and your dedicated speakers. 

Keeping your Smart Home Multi-Room Entertainment audio functionality separated from the soundbar. This is a wise move in case you decide to replace the soundbar, it won't affect the Smart Home configuration or integration, and once again you don't have to worry about compatibility. 

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For The Real Audio Enthusiasts. 

If you are looking for something more on the high-end, and give you the boost you are looking for, then we have the perfect solution, for the real audio enthusiasts. Going with the full surround sound experience, we're talking about subwoofers for enhanced bass sounds, powerful wired or wireless speakers.

Not only for when you are trying to play a movie for the night but also for when you have got your favourite playlist on repeat, going all out with a genuine Multi-Room Entertainment system.

For this, we would recommend a full 7.1 channel system, for example. With that said, is always crucial that you keep in mind the requirements for such a robust sound system to ensure you can still benefit from the Real Smart Home functionality.

As long as your speakers are supported by your smart music server, your surround sound speakers can then be utilised as a multi-room audio zone for your living room or to output all your related audio such as your preferred radio station or favourite playlist. 

It is always essential to keep in mind though, that if you ever decide to change your surround sound system, you will probably require a visit from your Smart Home/ Audio System provider. They should be able to make all of the correct changes to the configuration ensuring you can still make use and enjoy of a genuine experience of a Real Smart Home and it’s functionality.

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