Ultimate Smart Heating Controls Guide

Loxone smart home heating app

We can all agree that lately there's been a massive surge of news involving smart technology. It looks like everything we do in our houses can be managed from an app and our location doesn't matter anymore. Technology is moving forward at an incredible speed, and it can be overwhelming at times. 

Everything can be smart nowadays, your car, blinds, even your coffee maker can be programmed to serve your needs more efficiently. Well, some of these solutions can be pretty useful to all people regardless of their reluctance to modern technology. 

One of those aspects that can definitely improve your way of life and also help you save money on monthly bills is Smart Home Heating Controls. Here you have an in-depth take on one of Smart Home Technology´s most revolutionising solutions ever created.

So, what are smart heating controls in the first place?

It basically means that your house´s thermostat will be entirely at your control. It won't just turn the heat on/off and let you manage temperature at a very primal level. Smart heating will allow you to control every aspect of the thermostat, and it can even learn from your daily patterns so it can give you the right temperature and you won't have to move a finger, and if you ever have to, it will be a tap on a smartphone app. This is an aspect of Home Automation that genuinely enhances your day to day living by providing a perfect blend of control comfort from anywhere on the planet.  

Yes, they do sound really nice, but how do they work

We´ve mentioned already that an ordinary thermostat will turn the heat on and off and you can make alterations according to your needs, it is pretty much the same with Smart Heating, only that this technology is way friendlier and provides a whole lot of control over the heating. It comprises three elements to deliver excellent results and solutions: A plug that goes into the boiler which is wirelessly connected to a central control unit, smart actuators and finally the third one: a smartphone app that will have all the different setups and customisable options. 

Smart Heating Pros and Cons


The first benefit users get from smart heating technology is a decrease in utility monthly bills. But you need to use the technology adequately so it can deliver excellent results. People usually leave their regular thermostats on all day which is very pricey, but with smart heating, you get to have a technology that learns your habits and responds accordingly. Newer models can react to outside temperature and determine if its best to turn on/off the heating system. 

Smart Heating Systems are a definite must for tech enthusiasts, families or individuals on a budget who wants to know exactly how much power is being used. They´re also recommended for people struggling with heating issues constantly and generally to anyone who wants to bring the smart home factor to their residence and enhance their lifestyle while saving money.


Actually it was pretty hard to find big cons to this technology; however, people planning on moving shortly may not want to deal with installation costs - some companies do have portable thermostat valves, so this is not a significant drawback. People who don't fancy tech stuff that much may not be as excited as we are with this technology.


Home Automation is still pretty new out there, but Smart Heating is definitely one of the best solutions for everyone. It truly represents a solution and a financial benefit with the cutting edge features we all love. Make your home future-proof by starting the right way.

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