Five smart home family favourites

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Home automation is more than just voice control and smart kitchen gadgets. It is a combined system of technology which has the ability to automatise processes. These automatic functions provide the basis for families to experience more enjoyment from technology, free up more time for the important things in life and create a futuristic experience every day.

Smart home technology can assist each family member with their daily routine so everyone can enjoy a little more peace of mind and focus on the important things in their day. Installation of a home automation system means that your home can assist taking care of those house duties, freeing up your precious family time. We've researched the favourite smart devices for a family wanting a smart home.

1 - Smart Locks

Remember that feeling of being halfway to the office not knowing if the front door was locked, or arriving home at night and fumbling around for those keys? Well, those days can come to an end finally: Smart keyless locks helps to get rid of that “not knowing where you put the keys sensation”, whilst providing a significant enhancement in terms of security. Their task is the same as regular locks, the difference here is that you also have keyless access options. You can operate them by using touch panels, key fobs and remote access devices, like smartphones. Finally, as if it wasn't enough, they can get fully integration with other areas of smart home, like lighting. Lights can turn on as soon as the house senses that your opening the door, fancy right?. Many options available in the market to all budgets and tastes, and finally, they all give that futuristic look that we all love.

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2 - Smart Lighting

Commonly regarded as one of the most enjoyable aspects of home automation. Smart lighting allows you to set different light moods for each room and every occasion. If you have kids you can even dim the light near the cradle and leave the rest of the bedroom dark - perfect night light solution. However, you’re not limited to just standardised lighting, with RGBW lighting you can set light different colours and tones for each room. These lighting options let the family create the right atmosphere for parties, to read or just to relax every now and then. Using smart lighting panels you can also control heat and audio in each room. With smart lighting you gain control not just over the bulbs and dimmers, if you do it right you can even help canalise emotions and feelings (yours and your family members as well) into a positive experience. Your entire household is going to appreciate that, trust us.

3 - Smart Audio

Smart Home Audio can be a very interesting topic to all music-lovers. First of all smart audio servers are devices that coordinates all of your audio through multiple zones so it can play different audio files from different sources in multiple parts of the house. Or you can just set up audio in a way that you have music in every room so the music follows you. Smart audio is so smart, it can change songs, playlists, increase or decrease volume with voice control. It can even help you when is bedtime for the children, so you can set up audio books for their bedtime to be turned off automatically at a certain point, leaving you plenty of time to focus elsewhere. 

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4 - Smart Pools

Yes, there are smart pools out there and they are fantastic eye catchers among other things. Of course, not all smart homes are suited for pools, and they can be costly but they do offer the ultimate luxury experience. How cool it is to have a pool that practically takes care of itself, you know swimming is great, but pool maintenance can be both time-consuming and boring. Intelligent pools do all the filtering, backwashing on their own. Plus, smart pools can have also smart lighting, meaning that by using a smartphone app, you can adjust the lighting the way you desire, thus providing every occasion with the right light ambience.

Intelligent pools are a good acquisition that all family members - especially the little ones - are going to love.

5 - Smart Text-to-Speech

You know that all smart home projects are about providing solutions that ease up the struggles of day to day living. Well, one of the best additions to home automation is communication through text-to-speech. This technology allows users to type messages that are played out of the smart speakers around the house. The person writing the messages can do it while away from the house or from inside the house. It works perfectly for households with kids. 

Users can just type a message to let the family knows that dinner is ready, that the laundry is done, or just about any message you want to transmit to the entire family in a fun & cutting-edge fashion. They can even greet you on your way in, as they can be pre-programmed and integrated with motion sensors who will detect your presence and the speakers will greet you. 

Text-to-Speech technology works also for grown-ups as sometimes we need to deliver urgent/special messages. Maybe we need to announce that we are on our way, or that we’re going to arrive late from work and nobody answers the phone, text-to-speech then may be a good solution. Technology that provides useful solutions to make our day to day more seamless.


There you have it, a top five list of those smart home devices that provide useful tools for daily activities. Users have spoken about their likes, dislikes and tastes of home automation projects, make sure that you take note of this devices as they are proven to be useful and reliable. Start living your life without worrying about things that you should not worry about.

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