How Shading Supports a Smart Home

Fire place with shades

Shading has come a long road and now it's so much more than just a solution to shade light and to enhance the aesthetics around your house. See  the future of shading with Smart Home technology.

Smart Home technology is always improving and enhancing all aspects of a house, giving you the opportunity to do it in a bespoke way, so everything has your own personal touch, that goes hand in hand with your lifestyle. Usually, people don't think of shades and blind as something that has multiple purposes or uses, it is either to shade light or to show off a pretty shade design, but nothing more.

In reality, shades, when accompanied by smart home automation technology provide a lot more than just aesthetics and the obvious shading. They can also be smart and so, can integrate with other areas of a smart house to work as a team in many areas like security, heating, and lighting.

Home Automation technology is not only reaching more houses as people and times evolve to make our lives simpler and joyful. 

Shades in a living room

Aspects of a house that Shading supports


Smart Home Technology has been slowly shifting its direction towards a more cost-effective, eco-friendly approach. It mixes both the technology’s ability to operate your shades even when you're not at home, but also uses its skills to determine when it’s more suitable to use natural light to heat up the house, instead of unnecessarily wasting electricity which is practically money going down the drain.

For instance, there are regions that are more warm and sunny, so temperature may have a stronger impact on the house by increasing its temperature to undesired levels, so using shades can be helpful to block the sunlight if that's your preference. You will reduce the temperature without coolers or thermostats. Shades are also useful to reinforce insulation on houses for extremely harsh winters.


Shading will obviously make a great team with lighting around your house and it will also make you save money on utilities. First of all, it provides a substantial aid in those situations where full darkness may be required, like when on cinema mode in the living room. 

Smart Shading can utilize external, natural light in your home which can help you save money on utilities. This type of technology determines whether it’s suitable to make use of natural sunlight rather than consuming energy to artificially light up a room.


Shading collaborates with your smart home security system as it can be the perfect accomplice to your privacy throughout the day. Also, its integration capabilities allow shading to act as a burglar deterrent as they can move independently posing as if the house is occupied when it's not. Finally, they've accomplished a level of technology that they can actually take weather data and behave accordingly, and protect from harsh environmental conditions.

Shades in a bedroom


Smart Shading truly represents one of the best sides of  Home Automation technology, not just because it represents savings on both electricity bills and energy consumption, or because their natural warming capabilities, they also have other great uses, for instance, imagine waking up every morning with your favorite classical tune, while the shades slowly lift, letting in all the sunlight to be the most unique alarm clock.

If your not sure on how to start adding smart shading to your house, clear all doubts by clicking here so you can start a smart shading project that fits your lifestyle.

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