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Security Checklist For A Smart Home

Over the years many smart home providers have implemented security measures for a home, Loxone being one of them. We look into what measures Loxone as a smart home provider as taking to maximise the security for their automated homes.

Burglary Protection

Loxone possesses a robust dedicated software, helping you meet the standards when it comes to security at home along with a wide variety of products, solutions and systems to make sure your house is always safe. Loxone offers a reliable security solution with great motion sensors, window handles, doors and windows contacts, glass break sensors and more, ensuring your home and family are always safe.

These solutions not only come in the shape of products, but Loxone also has an incredible software to create an intelligent, safer, real smart home. The Loxone software for protection includes an alarm function block, which was designed primarily for burglary protection, very user-friendly and easy to configure into your Smart Security system.


Strengthening the bond, with the customer’s confidence

Loxone Smart Security system avoids false alarms, through advanced motion sensors that are highly precise and can detect the smallest movement. 

The software development has taken precautions recognising any false alarm that was perhaps triggered by the dog or cat, and provide a solution to bypass any recurring fault regarding false alarms. It will give a specific measure on how long it takes for a second alarm to be triggered when passing through a second sensor.  Meaning that if no second sensor is triggered before a specific time, it will read it as a false alarm and be ignored. Other products such as the door or window contacts or any glass being broken will trigger the alarm immediately.

Protect your home from an unexpected event

The safety of your family will always be first in case of any unexpected events. In September 2017, the UK recorded over 346 fire-related fatalities, which is an alarming number for anyone, especially those who have a family they want safe from any accident at all times.


Loxone Sensors

Protect your families from any dangers with two essential products for any unexpected events at home, Loxone Smoke Alarm and the Loxone Touch Sensors, both work to detect early signs of smoke or even a potential fire.

The reliable smoke alarms detect any sign of smoke in any portion of the house, warning you of an emergency so you can get to safety in time. Alternatively, if you are out of the house, the Loxone smoke alarm it will warn you of any crisis at home in real time so you can contact the emergency services to keep your house safe and protected at all times.

As for the Loxone touch sensors, they come with a built-in temperature sensor, not only ensuring a comfortable temperature for each room but also detecting any potential fire at home and triggering the alarms once it detects dramatic increases in temperature. 

The Loxone touch sensor and smoke alarm are a must have for every household trying to make their home safer, giving you the chance to enjoy your time at home without having a concern in the world when it comes for a potential fire at home. 

The software we spoke about previously can get any status notifications while granting you full control over the Loxone smoke alarms and Loxone touch sensors. Giving you full access to the systems of your detectors to always feel safe knowing they are working correctly and are not being triggered accidentally or just to check on the battery.


Protect your home from all the elements

A real smart home should always have the ability to protect itself from any damaged caused by water leaks, freezing temperatures and devastating storms. For that Loxone has come up with other types of sensors to warn you and to avoid any damage done to the house during this events. 

These products collect data such as temperature, wind, brightness and precipitation to ensure the house will take the necessary measures to protect itself from any damage and alert you in case of an emergency. 

When your weather gets as low as 1°C, and the weather station detect the precipitation, it will automatically activate the heating frost protection mode. Any external shading or motors for automatic windows are closed and locked to avoid damage, also setting everything back to normal once the temperature has risen again and everything is safe. 

In case of the storm, we know the winds can get violent therefore if the sensors detect any rough winds that could potentially cause damage to the external shading or the motorised windows it will send an alert to the system and automatically retract the shadings and close the windows to protect them from the storm. Enabling themselves back to normal once the wind speed has dropped to a safe level.


And how can we make sure everything is OK?

Keeping our security system maintained adequately is a must.

  • Make sure that the grid of the smoke detectors is always clear and clean, free of debris such as dust or insects to avoid any malfunction. 

  • Make sure you position the detectors free of any obstacles, position them in the ideal position in the room to be able to detect everything on time.

  • Consider the change of use of a room. Perhaps turning a study into a bedroom for example. So it is essential you consider to reposition some of the detectors and sensors to ensure they are covering the correct area or even if more need to be installed.

  • Make sure you test your smoke detectors at least twice a year. Once the signal is triggered, check the software on any smart device to verify you have received a notification.

  • Make sure you review the Security system by triggering the alarm via the software or app to make sure everything is properly working.