Loxone app with scheduled heating and floor plan showing rooms at different temperatures

The benefits of smart heating

Discover the benefits of smart heating: cost savings, perfect temperatures in every room, and remote control for ultimate convenience. Learn how smart technology adapts to your lifestyle, offering eco-friendly, efficient home automation.

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Various nice looking doors

Welcome to Your New Front Door

Discover Nest Hello: the smart doorbell that blends enhanced security with convenience. Featuring high-definition video, 24/7 streaming, and real-time communication through the Nest app, it revolutionizes your front door experience. Learn about its seamless integration with other devices and innovative features like Familiar Face alerts.

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Voice Control For Your Smart Home

Voice Control For Your Smart Home

Explore how Amazon Echo and voice control revolutionize smart home management. Discover seamless integration with smart devices, allowing you to control lighting, entertainment, and more with simple voice commands. Learn how Echo enhances convenience and efficiency in your home, making daily tasks effortlessly manageable.

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KNX Logo


"Explore KNX, the global standard for smart home automation, offering a seamless integration of devices for lighting, heating, and security. KNX promises efficient, customizable, and future-proof solutions, making it the ideal choice for enhancing modern living with cost-effective and advanced control technologies.

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Future Automation Logo

Future Automation

Future Automation stands at the forefront of home automation, offering bespoke engineering solutions since 2001. Specializing in TV lifts, motorized shades, and projector systems, their award-winning designs seamlessly blend technology with elegance. Explore how their innovative products enhance smart homes with functionality and style.

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Tesla car plugged into charger at home garage

Charging At Home

Explore the benefits and convenience of home EV charging, from environmental advantages to cost savings. Learn about installing home chargers, government grants, and how smart meters can optimize your energy use. This guide offers everything you need to know for an efficient, eco-friendly driving experience.

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Finger pointing at 2020 on a digital screen

What's smart technology got in store in 2020?

Discover the future of smart technology in 2020: Wifi 6 for enhanced connectivity, the rise of augmented reality, 5G transforming IoT, and AI integrating into smart homes for improved voice control and security. Expect innovations in robot assistance, smart workplaces, health care solutions, and more, marking a year of significant advancements in home automation and technology.

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Google Nest Logo

Google Nest - What's changing?

Nest merges with Google to form Google Nest, enhancing smart home integration. This collaboration introduces devices like the Nest Hub Max and requires Nest users to switch to Google accounts for a unified experience. Despite some current app-specific requirements, this merger promises a more cohesive and feature-rich smart home ecosystem.

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Illistration of homes with various smart home icons

How to become more efficient with a smart home

Maximize home efficiency with smart technology. Explore smart sensors, lighting, and heating solutions that save energy and cut costs. Learn how smart home automation creates an eco-friendly, cost-effective living environment, tailored to your lifestyle.

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Various Icons in a hexagon grid with a finder pointing at smart home icon

Home Automation Benefits: Is A Smart Home For You?

Explore the advantages of smart home technology, offering energy efficiency, enhanced security, and convenience. Learn about easy setup and how to address security concerns. Smart homes provide a personalized, automated living experience, promising a future of even greater adaptation to individual needs.

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