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A “worldwide standard for home & control” has been KNX’s motto for almost twenty years and KNX´s driving force for Home & Building Control.

In 1999, three major organisations - EIBA (European Installation Bus Association), EHSA (European Home Systems Association) and BCI (BatiBUS Club International) teamed up and created KNX which comprises of all sorts of manufacturers. These manufacturers, in addition to the distribution of their smart home products, promote an international communication standard for home automation electronic systems.

KNX is much more than stable and affordable state-of-the-art technology for home automation. It provides efficiency and satisfaction that enhance any intelligent building infrastructure on many levels. You can rest assured that all aspects of your home automation project are in great hands with KNX.

KNX pride themselves on high quality products including motion sensors, window glass break sensors, smoke detectors, water and gas leaks. Everything is under control.

Think of KNX as the highway on which all applications within home automation run and they run smoothly and flawlessly.


When it comes to Lighting, Heating, Ventilation/Air Conditioning and Audio/Video control KNX offers day & night alerts to make your smart house more economical. In addition to low voltage thermostats, window sensors and heating valves, all of these segments can be paired and can communicate with each other to decrease energy consumption, an intelligent move that benefits your finances. 

  • Optimized intelligent heating control, 
  • automated ventilation systems that detect the presence of people, 
  • windows open or close according to your needs. 
  • Music control from everywhere around the house. 

Whatever the situation is,  there´s an automation solution for it. Plus, customers can monitor from a single wall mounted display.

Enjoy your smart home knowing that your KNX element is there to make you save money and give you all the technology you require for day-to-day living.

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KNX Safety and Security

KNX´s primary purpose is to set a worldwide standard for smart-home and smart-building control, though the promotion of an international standard of communication between multiple systems. The very core of your smart home project´s security is meant to run on KNX. 

All safety and security elements have been considered, from the basics, such as camera monitoring, rapid reporting of any gas or water leaks etc., to the more complex ones, such as Panic mode (for potential break-ins) or simulation of an inhabited home when owners are away and many more features. These benefits enhance the systems technology that any house of the future requires.

Rest assured that KNX is observant of every aspect of your safety. With the ability to provide a fast response when you need it. KNX will keep everything under control, with a 100% rate of efficiency. Everything KNX offers provides customisation according to your specific demands. It's your house, your project, so it must run correctly.

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KNX talks to the homeowner of the future. From all aspects of an intelligent home, this intelligent network will be forever observant of your comfort and safety. Guaranteed 24-7 protection for you and your loved ones. 

KNX will always be one step ahead to report any malfunction, so you are never caught off-guard. Any leak or break-in will be recognised and reported immediately, preventing any potential harm or damage. Your whole household will be secured, so you need to relax and let KNX do the job, even when no one is around, KNX can make your house look inhabited.

KNX is not just about satisfaction. Efficiency is a critical element of their development. Following the belief that efficiency should go hand in hand with low-costs, and KNX has not overlooked this, hence their development of a system that is both affordable and stable.

Customised comfort, efficiency and security are the foundations that will describe your smart home project from the very beginning. It is a system that builds value to your smart home and maintains it prepared for any technological advancements.

So what's next for KNX

The next step in the fast-paced, growing market is building blocks or, as they call it at KNX: Modular System Technology which is a technology that will provide a special bond between software and home automation that allows any smart home project to be rebuilt and expanded at any time. Get ready for the future, cause it's here and it has KNX written all over it.

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