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Nest was a top leading brand in the smart technology market.  They’ve recently been incorporated into Google and will become Google Nest. Today we’ll present some of the new home automation features coming out from this merge. 

During Google’s last I/O - which is an annual developer event held by Google in Mountain View CA - it was announced that both Google and Nest were becoming a single brand,  developing for the Smart Home industry. The first result of this merge is the Nest Hub Max, which is basically a Google smart display with a built-in Nest Cam. This is only the first device coming out of this coalition. In addition to these new changes, Nest customers will be required to change their Nest accounts and convert them to Google accounts.

This is not the first time these two giants work together. Remember that Google acquired Nest in 2014. Then, from 2015 to 2018 Nest worked independently due to Google’s reorganisation under the holding company called Alphabet. Now it is 2019 and these two are back in business together. They’ve been developing smart home solutions all this time so it was a natural decision to rebrand their products under the new name. 

Google Nest plans to go beyond developing smart displays. Their plans include putting both brands’ products under the same company name. As a result, we’ll be seeing Chromecast streamers, Google wifi products as well as Nest smart products all under the new Google Nest.

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If I’m a Nest user, would this merge affect my current subscription?

Not at all. Nest customers will continue enjoying their subscriptions - like Nest Aware - with no problems whatsoever. As we mentioned at the beginning,  the only “mandatory” requirement is for Nest customers to convert their account to Google ones. Even if you don’t do this right away, it will not represent a change in the way users enjoy their service. Google recommends, however, to switch accounts as soon as possible. Up to this moment, Google hasn’t released any statement indicating any intentions of deleting Nest accounts.

You still get to decide what content you wish to share but keep in mind that Google will always collect data from their devices to enhance user experience and improve the way devices respond. As always, Google has expressed its policy of not selling your data to third parties.

What can Nest customers expect in terms of functionality.

If everything goes according to the plan, all Nest accounts will go into a special “maintenance” mode which will accept security updates. All new features will be updated for Google accounts only. Despite all this, there are no walkthroughs on how to convert accounts, so the whole switch is still on stand by, but probably not for too long.

Now, if you want to use the Google Home app, you’ll realise that some Nest devices still can’t work using the app. For instance, the Nest Learning Thermostat and the Nest Cam can’t be set up using Google’s app. Considering how popular these devices are, we can expect to have that feature corrected anytime soon. However, a large portion of Nest’s devices can be controlled using the app, keep in mind that some alerts for the Nest Cam are still only delivered through the Nest app.

Even more recent devices like the Nest Cam for the new Hub Max still uses the app from Nest for alerts. This means that there’s a lot of extra work for Google, as they have to guarantee a perfect integration between both technologies.

Nest learning thermostat

Any recommendations for Smart-Home owners?

There are some significant changes in terms of what can Nest users do. For instance, Nest users are no longer in control of what other household members can do. Once the merger between Google and Nest is complete, everyone in the household will have complete access to all devices and of course, to settings. In addition to this, there are more changes. 

For instance, you’ll still be able to remove and add people from your home, but other family members will be able to remove you as well. It goes without saying that you should be extra careful when adding members to your home. However, when users convert to Google Nest they will be asked to select the family members you want to add.

Finally, a user who is designated as a family member instead of being an owner will be free to switch to a Google account while still having access to the Nest Home. Once the owner makes the conversion to Google Nest, you’ll be invited to join the new Google Nest unified home.

There you have it, some considerations for smart-home owners facing the merger between Google and Nest. This transition should run smoothly and hopefully without any inconvenience. Remember that if you have any additional questions regarding this issue or any other Home Automation inquiry, we have a great team of smart-home experts ready to help you.

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