Voice Control For Your Smart Home

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Nowadays it is really easy to incorporate products to control your Smart Home. For example Amazon with their Amazon Echo and Echo Dot, which uses the voice service ‘’Alexa’’ to give a full voice-activated home control.

The Amazon Echo works perfectly with compatible Home Automation products, giving you, full and comprehensive control of your music, entertainment system, curtains or blinds as well as lighting among many other smart products.

At Home Automate, we provide a solution for you that meets your needs for streaming your music, films and other smart functions through voice supports like the Amazon Echo.

What is the Amazon Echo?

Amazon Echo was the first wireless speaker with Alexa’s voice control. These devices are capable of many tasks such as playing music, providing information, giving you sports scores, news, weather and so much more. The Echo comes with seven different microphones and beamforming technology, meaning it can hear and follow your voice from across any room, even in noisy environments or while you have music playing in the room. 

Thanks to the ESP (Echo Spatial Perception) Alexa responds from the device that you are closest to, in case you have more than one in the house. All you have to do when you want to use it is just call her name, and she will respond back to you, ready to converse with your request.

With full voice control for Amazon Music, Prime Music, Spotify, and TuneIn. As for iTunes, the Echo comes equipped with Bluetooth so you can stream your music from any smart device. However, remember that with all Bluetooth products, you must stay in a range of Bluetooth proximity for uninterrupted sound. 

The Amazon Echo comes with three helpful features to make the experience so helpful and immersive.

  • A voice-activated speaker
  • Voice assistant
  • Smart Home Controller.
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Voice Assistant.

Alexa can integrate third-party apps called skills, much like smart devices applications. These help you interact with your Echo devices with extended functions. These ‘’skills” can be installed using the Alexa app on any of your smart devices. 

Once installed you can ask Alexa to open the app to provide you with all the features for your new app. For example one of Alexa’s skills is the National Rail Skill in which Alexa can provide you with updated information on road commutes and train times. Another can order a taxi such as Uber with the Uber skill for Alexa while giving you traffic updates and the weather on the road.

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Smart Home Controller.

With Smart Home Control Alexa integrates different Smart Home devices. There is nothing fancier than arriving home and saying ‘’Alexa, lights on in the main bedroom’’ and just like that the lights for your bedroom are ready to go. 

Many skills for Alexa already exist to help you control your Smart Home, such as the Nest, Hive, Honeywell, Tado, LightwaveRF and LIFX. The Echo works fresh out of the box with Philip Hue and Sonos sound systems.

Of course, like any other Smart Home control setting up the system can be found challenging. With Phillips Hue, each bulb is listed as a separate entry, so you could easily end up with a very large list. You can configure what is visible or not for Alexa within the various skills that she possesses, or just make Alexa forget them directly. Either way, you will have to set them up one at a time which yes, can be very time consuming but if we are looking for total control for our smart home, it is very worth it.

You also have to name your devices and be able to pronounce them easily, so Alexa understands what you’re asking. Names such as one, two or three will not work very well, especially if you extend to a large volume. If you want to ask Alexa to turn off the kitchen lights and you happen to have more than one in the room called kitchen Alexa, it will ask you which one, slowing down the process. 

The easiest way to make things more simple is to call each device or light something different and have them grouped together in the Alexa App. For example, having all your devices under the group called ‘’house’’ meaning that when you walk out of the house, you could just say the words ‘’ Alexa’’ house off’’ and every single device at home will be turned off until your return. 

We come to specialise in Smart Homes with our experience in integrating unique controls for all of your smart devices at home like Home Entertainment, Music, Lighting, curtains and everything else to make your life at home more entertaining, comfortable and simple. These solutions are able to provide an extensive range for you so that you can get total control of your home by just using your voice. A great solution that is always evolving to match your needs.

The Amazon Echo is a remarkable addition to any Smart Home, a device that will improve your experience by being linked to any other Smart Devices and services at home. Use your new Echo to the fullest to control your Smart Home without having to move a finger, and it might become your favourite gadget.

If you have any other questions or doubts, please don't hesitate to contact us at Home Automate, we are experts in Home Automation Solutions.

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