The benefits of smart heating

Loxone app with scheduled heating and floor plan showing rooms at different temperatures

The sudden rise of Home Automation technology over the last few years have brought the attention of homeowners to this fantastic technology that strives to make intelligent houses that represent little to no effort to its occupants in daily tasks, like locking the doors, turning lights on/off, security and heating.

Smart Heating is one of the most valuable aspects of Home Automation technology, and the main reason behind it is because it represents the true definition of smart. This particular aspect of a house was the first one to have intelligent solutions that actually learn from your habits and schedules, but it doesn't stop there at all. Next, a few reasons for why smart heating and intelligent heating controls are the best seamless way to approach home automation technology.
Smart home technology has been around for a few years now, and even though it is widely known for some sectors of the population, it is not that popular for others. Of course, everyone knows or infers what it means, but in reality, those who are not familiarised with this technology don’t know what it entitles. Having a smart home means to have a perfect ally - or several little allies - to your lifestyle.

Lower Costs: 

People tend to associate smart home technology with big budgets and high installation & maintenance costs. Smart Heating is a great area to see how budget-friendly this technology can be. You need a house that is smart enough to know when and where to use outside natural temperature to lower electricity bills and be a little gentle with the planet.

Some of the top brands in the industry offer fantastic options that are cost-effective and energy-efficient.

Many Rooms, the perfect temperature for each one of them:

By using the smart heating technology you can enjoy the ideal temperature in each room of the house, this technology ensures that the right climate is present at all times, wherever you are in your home.

It doesn't matter if you´re sleeping, exercising or just relaxing you have the best technology following around 24/7 regardless of the type of activity you are conducting.

Remote Access to your Smart Thermostat: 

This technology has evolved so rapidly that users can actually handle them from afar by the use of smartphones and intelligent apps through a wifi network. You´ll have the best smart heating control at your service, meaning that you can control your home's temperature even if you´re not there.

You just need a wifi connection, and you can adjust your smart heating controls from anywhere on the planet. Long gone are the days of struggling not knowing if the thermostat was left on or not.

Trust Smart Technology: 

As we mentioned before, one of Smart Home technology´s most significant achievements is having devices that actually learn from your routines, which means that human proneness to error, is out of the equation here.

Smart technology always keeps an eye on your home, by using a smart app you can keep track of everything happening in your house, it's so accurate it can even let you know how much energy your house is using, just by using their apps.


There's no doubt that smart heating technology was created so it can make your life a whole lot easier, taking care of things of which it's not worth time thinking about. Many features, from email or smartphone alerts 24/7 to exact readings on your house´s energy consumption and on top of everything is entirely eco-friendly. Smart heating is the best way to access home automation technology without spending big money and without having to redo your house.

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