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Future Automation is known as an internationally established engineering company based in the UK, founded in 2001. Future Automation specialises in automated structure design and auto video solutions. The company takes pride in the ability to work with their customers to deliver the best experience, quality and solutions.

The task is to create moving solutions that combine functionality, quality and aesthetic appeal. Every product is designed and engineered to maximise system reliability, whilst meeting all the needs of the installation.

Future Automation allows AV products to be integrated, which makes them unobtrusive, practical and easy way to operate. Their designs include televisions lifts, wall mounts, projector lifts, moving panel mechanisms, ceiling mounts, din rail enclosures, motorised pocket doors, cabinet airflow control and motorised shades.

“We have been manufacturing exceptional television lifts and mounts for residential, marine, commercial, hospitality and outdoor, applications since 1998. Our products are designed, engineered and built in our factories in the UK and the USA. Our products combine functionally with quality engineering and aesthetic appeal our main focus is to create beautiful products that customers wish to own, and our dealer network wants to sell.” - Ollie French (Commercial Director)

Award for Future Automation

Future Automation became Smart Building Award Winner of 2018 for Bracket/Rack Or a Mounting product of the year with the PS-WB manual articulating bracket and wall box bracket claimed the award and this has also not been the only year, Future Automation has won in this category.

In 2017 they also took the same honor with the motorised PSE90 mount, praised for maintaining its smooth articulated motion and unmatched build quality.

The design and flexibility of this mechanism allows the installer to now have a variety of mounting options, which allows for more adventurous projects. The design also offers multiple sizes of wall boxes for increased space behind the display.

The core of the design allows a single product to find many configurations, making the PS range the most versatile mounting solution in the market today.

Motorised TV Unit

Picture Lift Mechanism.

This lift mechanism allows flat-screen television to fit perfectly behind a piece of artwork and various movement options allow for screens from 32’’ to 60’’ to be disguised. A single panel or picture can raise or lower to reveal the screen with features such as range of travel distance, smooth, quiet motions, options to combine with a motorised bracket and be made out with a complete sheet metal cassette to ensure simple installation.

PD Projector Lift

The projector drop lift mechanism is the market leading projector lift for a home cinema. Its recommendation comes from its height efficiency, functionality with a wide range of drop options and the projector drop mechanism recommended by the leading audiovisual companies around the world. Supplied with IR, contact closure and RS232 control options, allows for a range of drops available to suit any installation and third party projector screen control using the control board.

Future Automation enclosure

Future Automation also offers Enclosures for different Smart Home Projects, in this case, Loxone, the future automation LXN (Loxone Control Panel) range are DIN rail enclosures that have been designed to pair with a Loxone system.

The LXN range has been updated where applicable to have vented latching doors, this is to meet recent amendment 3 regulations, and this single panel can be found in 3 different sizes, incorporating the DIN rail system, along with well-designed install assisting benefits, full integral cable management, dedicated earthing and neutral bars.

A removable front cover makes installations of a Loxone Smart Home system easy, tidy and unobstructed. Designed in alliance with Loxone, the LXN enclosure is a functional piece for every Loxone smart Home Installation.

The LXN-PB (Loxone Power Box) made in the UK is part of the DIN rail enclosures that have been specially designed by Future Automation to pair with the Loxone Smart Home Automation system.

It's designed to protect and enclose a power supply unit, just as the Loxone Control Panel enclosure, it comes with a fully removable front cover for installation purposes and key mount slots on the rear ensuring the overall finish is tidy and straightforward.

Expansion Lighting Enclosures, the LXN-RE is the expansion unit for the Loxone enclosure range, highly advised to use with multi-stack patch terminal for all incoming cables to get routed into, controlling low voltage and 24V RGBW to one side and mains to the other.

Future Automation has proven why they have the lead on the engineering market, with their revolutionary products they have shown the value and skill of their products, fulfilling every need the customer requires to make their Smart Home functional and innovative.

Giving easier access and secure installation processes with the capacity to expand and increase for all the future upgrading plans, with a wide range of products from lifts all the way to enclosures and much more, giving adaptability to home, comfort and peace guaranteed while providing the best option in engineering for the customers.

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