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We hardly ever notice, but our front door is the starting point for most of our house interactions with the outside world. Whenever we have a pleasant visit, or something new arrives at the house, the front door where it all starts. Sadly burglars also consider this as the start point to any miscreant activities which, if not appropriately addressed, can lead to a robbery.

The guys at Nest considered all of this information, the good things and the dangerous aspects too and so they designed a fantastic smart doorbell that in addition to being a tremendous aid to your whole home security department, can also keep that friendly, housey warm feeling with a dash of cutting-edge, futuristic design. It is called the Nest Hello, and it is merely the latest installment from security and heating experts Nest. It makes a perfect blend of a doorbell with video capabilities and the Smart Tech approach that makes Nest Cam so well renowned in the Home Automation market.

This video doorbell will give ultra-high definition video of everything that happens outside your front door at all times (day and night) with the perfect range scope, so you don't miss a single detail if anyone steps near your front door. It also comes with useful additional solutions, like 24/7 streaming and a fantastic feature where you can go back up to three hours in case you need to see something in particular.

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Knock-knock, who’s there?

Now, since the doorbell is the first part of the house which your visitors can interact with, Nest Labs made sure that the Nest Hello design was very friendly and easy to notice, so everyone will definitely know it’s there. By using the Nest app, you can answer the door in real-time even if you´re not in the house. You could be walking home from the shops and still be able to answer the door in real-time and with the best audio quality, with no ambient or noise issues that interfere with the communication. But perhaps answering the door while coming home from the shops, or while the baby is sleeping is not something that amuses you, then you can use the smartphone app to play a pre-programmed response, so you´re not disturbed in any way from the outside world. You can even turn off the chime and only get mobile notifications. The scenarios where this doorbell is a tremendous help are countless.

Regarding safety, the Nest Hello also provides a great aid to enhance security, as it can detect that a person is near and notify you. You can even program the function, so it sends a notification when it is an actual person, not animals or objects to avoid unnecessary alerts. Can you imagine a more significant deterrent for a burglar than a doorbell that lets you say something from anywhere in the world and also can play pre-recorded messages?

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Other features and integration among devices:

One of the best things about Nest Hello is that it integrates with all the other Nest devices and with many more from other Home Automation technology manufacturers. It also works with Google Home and Google Assistant for better performance. There is also a paid subscription called Nest Aware that lets you - for less than 50 USD a month - get Familiar Face alerts and non-stop video streaming.

The Nest Hello is definitely a big hit with many solutions to enhance one of the most critical aspects of a house. A device that future proofs your house and lets you know a new meaning for integration among devices at home.

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