How to become more efficient with a smart home

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We´ve been so accustomed to conduct our day-to-day living the usual way that we don't realise how much time/money we lose performing tasks for which Smart Home technology provides quality solutions. 

Home Automation technology improves everything it touches. Whether it's a brand new smart home or a retrofit project, smart home technology will enhance its looks, its design and all the fun that comes with it. Besides the obvious features we just mentioned, there are other aspects of Home Automation technology that,  in addition to being fascinating, truly provide aid when conducting day-to-day activities around the house, they also represent a substantial benefit on our utility bills and more importantly a friendly look to the environment.

Smart Home technology does provide a useful way to enhance the efficiency of your home, providing solutions that have a positive impact on our energy consumption, on how expensive that energy consumption is and the long-term effect it has on the planet. This is what you get when you decide to enter the Home Automation world and those are the reasons that make smart homes more efficient.  

If you believe that in order to turn a house into a much more efficient one, through the use of smart home technology is a long costly process, you better think again. Smart Home technology offers affordable solutions that will make the best out of your house.

When a house does not have smart home technology in it, there are other ways to make it efficient. 

For instance, we have insulation and double glazing which are effective methods of keeping it warm inside, or the most common one: go downstairs and reduce the thermostat a few degrees. All of these essential methods are definitely enhanced with Smart Home technology which offers a much more solid response.

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How can smart home technology improve traditional home efficiency methods?

Smart Sensors

One of the reasons people love going with home automation technology is security. Smart Sensors are the best solutions to keep a constant eye, not just on the security outside and inside your house, but also to be integrated with your security systems so they can alert of any gas/water/smoke leaks that can be costly, annoying and potentially fatal. 

Also, smart sensors are usually designed not to consume power unnecessarily, which your monthly utility budget will appreciate.

Lighting Components

Smart lighting hits several aspects of home automation. First of all, smart lighting is the best mood creator ever, having the perfect light at all times with the tone and colour you desire, is like a dream. Not just that, smart lighting can be integrated with motion sensors and security to be a big deterrent to any burglar attempt. Some lighting solutions also have a “party mode” in which the house, if detects suspicious activity, will immediately turn lights on and off to act as if the house is occupied.

Smart Lighting

Widely known to be extremely energy efficient, meaning that they will not consume energy as other methods (like incandescent light) and has a much longer lifespan. More recently, LED strip lighting and Smart Light Bulbs has become a widely popular solution as it consumes less energy and can be placed virtually anywhere.

Smart Heating

This home automation solution is one of the most praised ones and also one that has witnessed a major advance on developing its technology. Some of the most known brands have released heating solutions that not just adjust themselves according to the temperature outside in order to save on utilities and not consuming electricity unnecessarily, but they actually learn from your behaviour patterns and schedules. Also, they can be programmed from afar, turn itself off when not in use and can even show you how much energy you're consuming on account of heating. 

Smart Monitoring

Smart Home technology offers monitors that will constantly give readings on the energy consumption of the house which is also very beneficial for the environment. These Smart Monitors will help the planet while helping you save money at the same time. Having access to this info will surely provide a good action plan in order to stop wasting energy unnecessarily and being eco-friendly.

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There are many ways in which a regular home can be efficient and there's no doubt about it, but this is the optimisation era, and if we can make our residence more efficient, then we must embrace such technology. Home Automation really takes things to another level and enhances all aspects of your house. From entertainment to security, all areas are becoming more efficient as this technology rapidly expands in houses around the globe. 

Just like with smartphone technology a while back, these solutions enhance the efficiency of your house while giving you the opportunity to do it with your particular touch, so your house is an extension of your personality, are you ready to experience that?

If not sure about how/where to start a home automation project, click here to get started with a bespoke design plan that fits your type of home.

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