Nest learning thermostat

Nest Smart Thermostat

The Nest Smart Thermostat controls home heating with advanced features like hot water scheduling and OpenTherm technology for boiler compatibility. Its design includes a larger, easy-to-read display and Farsight for distant readability. It learns from your routines for energy efficiency, integrates with other Nest products for safety and convenience, and can even simulate occupancy for security.

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Child proofed home with camera

What is room climate?

The concept of room climate encompasses the optimal temperature, humidity, and air quality within a home, significantly affecting well-being. Smart home technologies automate climate control, ensuring comfort and health by maintaining ideal living conditions through smart heating, ventilation, and air purification systems.

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Various smart locks

Will Smart Locks Replace Keys?

Smart locks, offering remote lock and unlock features, integration with smartphones, and compatibility with home automation systems, present a modern alternative to traditional keys. They enhance security with features like unique access codes for guests. Despite concerns about hacking, reputable brands maintain high security. The transition to smart locks signifies a shift towards a more connected, convenient home security approach, suggesting they may eventually replace keys in many homes.

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Nest external camera with phone showing nest app

Emergency Benefits with a Smart Home

Smart homes enhance safety by alerting homeowners to emergencies like leaks or fires, offering immediate notifications. They also help monitor and protect children and pets with smart locks and emergency call buttons. Fire safety systems can contain fires by locking doors, and security cameras allow for real-time monitoring from anywhere, making smart homes invaluable for both safety and emergency management.

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Smart Building

How business can benefit from Smart Home Automation

Introducing smart technologies into your commercial properties can offer extensive benefits.

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Smart Home

What is a Smart Home?

The components that make up a smart home.

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Nest Certified Professional

Nest Pro

New partnership with Nest UK to offer their expert range of Smart Thermostat, Security Cameras, Smoke and Carbon Monoxide detectors.

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Child pressing loxone switch

Childproofing in a Smart Home

How your smart home can keep your family safe.

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DoorBird authorised partner

DoorBird Partnership

Home Automate has partnered with DoorBird to offer the best IP intercom's on the market

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Wired Vs Wireless

Wired Vs Wireless

Comparison between wireless and wired installations of smart technology highlighting the applications and benefits

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