Will Smart Locks Replace Keys?

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When talking about Smarthomes, most people immediately picture a large living room with an enormous TV set where everything has voice control, meaning that we have a strong tendency to associate the concept of Smart Home with entertainment and leisure. That's ok, no problem linking easy living with smart home technology. But what about security? Owning smart technology for home automation doesn't mean that at some point a burglar will not attempt to get inside your house? 

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Every day comes with a new device or gadget solution to make our lives easier. We don't have to go to the door to see who's knocking on it, and we don't need to be in our house to know that there's a water leak, we don't need a key to start our car´s engine anymore. Technology is built to simplify our lives and how we deal with day to day activities. 

Security is a significant aspect of home automation, and the barrier between our household space and the iniquities of the outside world is a big concern. In fact, we can safely say that security (surveillance cameras, security systems, presence detection and smart locks) has increasingly become more popular as crime sadly never seems to stop.

The reason for this increase is mainly due to the fact that our busy ways of living results with most people not being in their houses through the day hence homes are far more vulnerable than in the past. But how can one tell if smart locks are the safest option out there? Let's see some pros and drawbacks:

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Smartphone friendly: Integration with mobile devices is one thing that really captivates users from the very first moment. Being able to lock and unlock doors from a remote location can be very helpful to all house members, especially those who always go away on trips and never remember if they locked the door or not. 

The days when having that doubt made you turn back and waste time just to check if the door is locked are gone, just need to open an app and it's done. Or maybe you´re just like yours truly here who always is tracing his steps back to figure out where the keys are, well, with smart locks those days are gone too, you can safely rely on your smartphone app (unless you forget your phone also), there's plenty of other backups including pin codes, fobs and keycards.

Home automation and smart locks are best friends: You know intelligent home security is like the keystone of the whole concept. Well if you have entered the realm of home automation, the chances are that you have a security system in your house. Which means that you will be delighted to know that smart locks can somehow diversify the features on your security system. This type of solutions become very handy for those occasions when the only person inside the house is elderly or not able to move and answer the door quickly. 

Doorbell friendly: Yes, some smart locks can even let you know - through a smartphone alert - who's knocking at the door, and through a compatible security system in the doorbell, you can interact with them from afar. Guests will appreciate this: You can give unique codes to friends and family members when they´re visiting and can make themselves in, whenever they decide to visit your home. You can always delete the codes once they're gone.

Tech: This is a type of technology designed to make your life more comfortable and convenient. There is a wide range of companies to choose from, and even though earlier models may flaw or have become obsolete. There´s the new wave of smart locks which are always up to the challenge, getting constant updates and living up to customer´s expectations, so they don't bail on you, and they´re taking over the security aspect of home automation market.

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The only drawback regarding smart lock is the possibility that someone may be able to hack a smart lock. Even though it can be addressed as an important drawback, the same concern relies upon intelligent car keys or smart light bulbs. However, Home Automate always recommends the reliable security brands such as Yale and DoorBird.

You just need to make sure that if you already made up your mind and have decided to go for smart locks, you must do an in-detail exploration of the whole spectrum of companies who can provide the service adequately. We are talking about an industry that is continuously changing, so home automation companies are getting ahead of the game, improving their technology. 

The other primary concern is that you may be reluctant to abandon the traditional key-entry way of dealing with security. Some of us are old-fashioned and prefer thing the old way, but trust us that once you see how convenient smart locks are you´ll start wondering how you manage to live without them this whole time.

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Home automation is continuously growing, and the day that all houses are smart with smart locks is not that far away. This type of technology provides a feeling of power. You have control now of every aspect of your house, from lighting and heating to surveillance and security. 

Modern smart locks offer several options in case an app fails, and they performed constant updates on their software making thing way harder for burglars trying to break-in. This doesn't mean that you're 100% protected, make sure that everything is updated, that batteries are always charged, and you should be ok. Make your decision wisely and take your time to go for a particular solution. 

The big hit that smart locks have proven to be, surely confirms that security is highly maximised with the use of this technologies, so take advantage and walk into a new era where losing your keys is not a hassle anymore.

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