Emergency Benefits with a Smart Home

Nest external camera with phone showing nest app

The smart home business market is on the rise, and we've talked extensively on its many ways to bring joy and comfort to an entire household. From fancy little gadgets and solutions to significant house makeovers, the whole home automation business is appealing to everyone. 

Now you can start your project for a smart home with a small budget. The options are endless, and they focus on providing comfort and tranquillity for you and your loved ones. Many blogs have been written on how to enjoy an audio server, lighting and thermostat solutions that are just a tap away without leaving your chair. 

But what about safety? Because not everything is just good times and leisure, you must also think and be prepared for those times when danger knocks at your door. People know it, smart-home owners know it. In a recent survey conducted by Xfinity in the U.S showed that more than 60% of smart homeowners named safety as the most influential aspect of acquiring home automation technology. 

That means that people are investing in welfare and protection for their families also, not just for entertainment purposes. 

Are you prepared for an emergency within your premises? Are you aware of the benefits and advantages that a smart home can provide when dealing with an unexpected and potentially dangerous event? Well, today we´re going to pinpoint the most relevant security aspects a smart home offers, so you know how to respond if any calamity - god forbid - comes rushing to your doorbell.

Protect your belongings from unexpected house malfunctions: Whatever is the requirement or the necessity, there's a solution to it. From smoke detectors that connect through Wifi to plugs with auto turn-off features and notification systems, you get a wide variety of solutions that allow you to react quickly in case there's any leak or an unexpected fire. 

You can set up alerts on your smartphone that will tell you if there's any change in the house moisture level, helping you prevent floods or moulds. Any appliance that can potentially cause a leak - a hose that is cracked or a water heater can be monitored from afar, avoiding an incident that can become very expensive.

Look after your kids: In here, we've noticed that smart home technology is becoming more popular, so it ceases to be a luxury but becomes a necessity, We have a big set of solutions, smart locks and motion detection devices can be really helpful when having a little one around the house unsupervised.

Secure smart lock

There are also devices that can assist little ones in case they need to call emergency services. By just pressing a button - they may be too small to memorise or dial numbers - they will get an emergency operator in a heartbeat. Keep a guardian eye on your beloved ones -pets included - and get ahead of any calamity before it even happens.

No need to worry about fires: We all know that a fire can happen almost instantly, without notice and can be very dangerous. Of course, you can call the fire department, but it could take some time before they actually arrive, in those situations, there is something you can do: You can set up the locks on the doors so if there's a fire; the system will put the locks on. Hence the fire can be contained for a little while so it won't spread that quickly. 

So as you can see a smart home is so much more than a stylish fancy trend - common misconception - but it is a practical solution for the unexpected. 

Now, let's talk about intruders or trespassers, companies like Lilin provide state-of-the-art technology on security cameras. One feature that everyone loves is that if your out, you can see your home through your smartphone no matter where are you located. 

Camera above stairs

Smart homes are the new extension of mobility, and every day more people are getting on board with this technology. They want that connectivity within all possible aspects of a household. 

As we mentioned before, it is no longer a luxury matter it is about practical, convenient and reliable solutions to anticipate any possible and potential emergencies. You can be confident that the little ones, the senior ones, the adults and even the four-legged ones will have ways to handle a crisis of any nature. And the house itself will be able to manage any failure it presents like floods, electrical shortcuts that can lead to fires. 

The day where everyone owns a smart home or has some piece of this technology inside their premises is near. Make sure that if you´re embarking on such a project, you know what benefits this technology can provide. Get ahead of those unexpected real-life situations before they happen.

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