What is room climate?

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Today we want to talk to you about room climate and smart heating for your smart home, this guide was created to help you comprehend the uses and functions of the smart heating at home and room climate at home.

Air quality, humidity and temperature, all in harmony in your new Smart Home.

The most pleasing temperatures, perfect levels of humidity and the highest air quality can significantly improve your life at home and influence our everyday life. This is where climate control comes right in to shine full of solutions. 

The average person nowadays is familiar with the term climate control thanks to vehicles. However, what exactly is room climate control and why is it so vital in your new Smart Homes?

Well, today we are going to cover this topic and answer the important questions for a better understanding of room climate and climate control.

What is room climate?

To have the right room temperature you need to have smart climate control, making everything more simple and comfortable at home at all times. However, this isn’t all there is about climate control, essentially the climate of a room embraces several factors that have a vital influence on our well-being and how comfortable and cosy we feel at home, especially in a closed room. 

Temperature being the main factor, humidity level and the quality of the air we breathe. If the air quality and temperature we receive in our bedroom are not the correct ones you could see how would this affect our health and sleep cycles making room climate control a very essential need at home. 

It is very easy to blame it on the lack of opportunity for BBQ’s but let’s face it, us Brits are not known for being very outdoorsy. We commonly spend 92% of our free time at home and only 40% of us spend 15 minutes outside every day. 

As we recognize we spend most of our times indoors, be that at the office or at home, the air quality in our home is of great importance. This is why is one of the topics that we as a Real Smart Home service want to focus on for you. 

It is our main goal to provide your Smart Home with the best and most optimal temperature control and ensure the best service for environment concentration, sleeping, relaxing and all around give you the best comfort possible.

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But what is the ideal room climate?

As we previously pointed out, there are three main points we have to have in consideration at all times when looking to achieve the best room climate possible.

  • Optimal Temperature: It is no secret that having our temperature too high or too low, will cause us to be either sweating or be shivering at home and we all know how uncomfortable that feeling is especially in our house. To come with the best and most efficient temperature, there are is vast list of guides. However, at the end of the day, you will know what feels the most comfortable for you.
  • Perfect humidity: The best humidity levels are reached when they don't pose damage to the occupants of the building, or the structure itself. Humidity levels that tend to be too high could cause problems in our health since high humidity levels can cause mould which could lead to severe irritation to our mucous membrane and skin. The ideal relative humidity for health and comfort is about 40 to 50%. During the winter months, it may need to be lower than 40% to avoid condensation on the windows. 
  • High-quality Air: The air we breathe is really important, this is why we want to have the highest quality air at home as it truly has a considerable effect on our health. It can sound weird and simple, but making sure that you at all times are breathing fresh air has shown to prevent migraines, fatigue and any spread of pathogens, truly improving our life quality. 

Room climate varies in every room.

It is common that we sometimes find ourselves falling asleep on our comfy couches or maybe we like to have breakfast in bed, in other words not every room is used for the same purpose at home. Consequently, the ideal climate varies from room to room. This is why the ideal values for the best room temperature and humidity are always varying, assuming, of course, that there is a free-flow of air moving throughout the house. 

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How to achieve the right room climate? 

We are always wondering how can we actually reach the right room temperature and how can we ensure that every room at home has the right climate that is complementary to the way each room is used. In a Real smart Home, that is all taken care of just for you. Completely automating the process to ensure that every room has the right and proper climate. 

Whether is a bedroom or your study or if anyone is using the room. If it is hot or cold outside it does not matter. All the proper answer and solutions and much more are all determined by your Smart Home so you never have to worry about that.

Our Smart Home experts will be able to provide the best solution for you, automating the room climate throughout the home to give you the best experience on a real Smart Home ensuring the best room climate at all times. 

Room temperature has become one of the most important aspects of a Real Smart Home, not only does it keeps us comfortable and cosy at home but it helps with our well being and the one of our family. It allows us to always have the best temperature while giving us the highest quality air at home.

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How to control room climate.

Most of your Smart Home providers will supply you with your own miniserver to ensure that your individual preferred temperatures are always met at the right times. If you arrive home earlier than scheduled or if you need to change the temperature in the room at any given time, then the miniserver allows you to adjust it easily via the app given by your providers, turning the temperature up or down and giving the heating a boost for a couple of hours to achieve that desired temperature when needed. 

Your home is like you, it knows exactly what you like and when you want it. It will automatically ensure that you are always provided with the perfect temperature throughout your home, without having to constantly rely on your radiators. Your home will think for you ahead of time and will recognise when it is better to harness the warmth of the sun by opening the blinds rather than turning the heating on. 

Your smart home and smart room climate system will provide the perfect temperature to each room, with the combination of intelligent heating and shading controls. If you no longer are in a specific room of your house the heating will be lowered. It is this level of intelligent heating control that will save you money on all your energy bills.  

Your smart room climate system will think and learn to optimise itself. It knows exactly when it needs to turn on to start heating or cooling off the room so that it reaches the desired temperature on those cold winter days or those warm summer days. It measures how long it will take to reach the desired temperature and whether it needs to be adjusted to the time it turns on as the seasons change. Even if the weatherman has got the wrong information, your house will still be comfortable and with the perfect temperature thanks to your smart room climate system.


We sincerely hope you found this useful and that we answered all of your questions, if you have any more doubts please do not hesitate to contact us. If you wish to find out more and obtain the services of a Real Smart Home and products. Please contact us.

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