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Child pressing switch

Childproofing in a Smart Home

We are now all living in an age of smart home technology, and that goes for our children too. So childproofing a home goes far beyond electrical sockets and cabinet doors. Smart homes will have an abundance of intelligent multi-devices and features, that will need extra thought placed in how your curious child does not damage them or themselves as well.

Manufacturers of nearly all Smart home devices will have installed features to allow you to activate some form of Child lock or Control. Thus allowing you to monitor how your child will interact with all the devices and gadgets in your home.

We have all become accustomed to our Smart TVs having a child lock function that requires a PIN number to unlock it. This is an great feature if the rest of the family are permitted to purchase games and movies when they wish to.

You may not feel it is wise for your angelic four year old to go crazy without your permission and commence on a disastrous spending spree.

Thermostat settings can be protected in the same way as the TV,  and most allow you to set a lock feature again with a PIN. Your other child can now only adjust within a preset range and not turn your property into an oven.

Beware of your little explorer becoming aware on how to navigate any Smart locks on your doors, As you know once remembered never forgotten in his or her small world. There are features to assist you with this, and your smart home consultant for all your security solutions and locks can assist you further.

Now let's look at the next generation behind the four-year-old, even smaller “Little Tommy” who has been keeping an eagle eye on his older sibling.  Here are some of the great ways to keeping this little rascal safe:

Nest Aware app on phone

You can purchase this Nest App via Amazon. It started out as a thermostat but has evolved into much more. It comes with a complete range of solutions that will work together to assist you in your home automation.

It has a sleek and easy to conceal camera that can sit readily on a cabinet, or bookshelf in your baby’s room.

You are also able to check on your Au pair or Nanny care whenever you wish with the streamlining feature.

There is also a smoke alarm feature which will test itself automatically and has a lifespan of approximately ten years, thus affording you peace of mind by alerting you via any of your chosen mobile-devices of any issues that may arise.

Also available from Amazon is this innovative system called The SmartThing System.

It sends out instant alerts to your mobile-devices should there be an entry into your property that is unauthorised.

Especially important, when you are away from the home.

It can even be programmed to inform you should your child leave the property without your permission.

You have built-in features that will enable you to designate zones, rooms, & areas of your home as off-limits to the little toddler, and again specific sensors will send out an alert to you informing you of the limits, having been breached.

This safety feature is convenient where you have a pool, a mezzanine or a staircase for example.

SmartThings app on phone

Not only do you have the ability to purchase additional child proofing technology but your smart home will come fully prepared with child safety benefits. Smart sockets have the ability to work with electric ovens to ensure they cannot use or play with dangerous appliances.


A Mother’s instinct is to keep all her family as safe as possible. She will be concerned when her children start to build relationships with all the gadgets that can be found in a smart, intelligent home.

She will know from research and from recommendations when in school meetings with other mothers and fathers, the pitfalls and dangers of her children on the internet.

Our advice to all parents, when considering Smart Home Security ask yourselves two fundamental questions:

  • Which Home Security provider do we feel we want?

  • How comprehensive do we want that security system to be?

We recommend you go for a system that goes beyond the primary offering of devices for monitoring garage doors, thermostats etc.

Obviously, know your budget and stay within it, try not to cut corners, remember you can always add to any system.

Make sure your system is easy and secure for you to comprehend and manage. Ensure all is fully compatible and seamless when connected to each other. Concentrate on the essentials first such as:

  • Doorbell Camera - If you are away from home, make sure the children and yourself always know who is visiting your home.

  • Door locks - Smart locks give you that added security of being able to allow someone access to your property or to secure your doors remotely.

  • Motion Sensors - By using these super-sensitive sensors you can detect the slight movement on any downstairs doors or windows.

  • WiFi capable Cameras - These can assist you with keeping an eye on what is happening in and around your home from any angle. You can monitor your gardener, housekeeper, nanny or babysitter and any other persons in your employment. Not forgetting all those delivery persons, utility persons and anyone not known. Remember burglaries usually happen between the hours of 10am to 3pm. Why? Because that is where the home is at its most vulnerable with everyone away for whatever the reason. 

  • A WiFi Camera with its seamless live video streaming capability to your mobile device can prove to be the only evidence you can have for any future police investigation.

  • Sadly to say a fire is always a risk with any property, there are some 360,000 reported fires on average per year in the United Kingdom. A series of Smart Alarms, are superior to the traditional battery operated ceiling types that many homes rely on still to this day. With these Smart Alarms you can to monitor from anywhere and receive Alerts instantaneously. Do not forget to program the Emergency Services into those same alerts.

Home Automate is a company that prides itself in providing a fully automated experience with all that I have described earlier in this blog. Click on the link below and give them a call or send them an email request for information. Their friendly and experience integrators and staff are always on hand to assist you in every step of the way on your path to a Fully Automated home.