How business can benefit from Smart Home Automation

Smart building

The transition of fully automating our homes to fully automating our businesses makes sense and should be done as naturally as possible. In our daily working lives, many of us work more than the standard thirty-nine hour week. I suspect many of us find ourselves more in the workplace than actually at home.

Look at the innovations that are happening with our transportation, bullet trains, electric vehicles, computerised taxis, vans and lorries. The list of possibilities is endless. Change used to measure in decades now it is in minutes.

Our workplaces will also need to reflect the massive changes in our lives too. So commercial enterprises such as restaurants, hotels, offices, schools, shops, and airports have started to undertake using smart technology.

Where do we see the most significant changes so far? Take a look at airports. There was a time not long ago when going through the process of check-in, security clearance and finally sitting down in your seat on the aircraft could take many hours.

Now it is minutes for each segment of the process. Boarding tickets replaced with mobile apps. Passport controls sped up with E-passport. In fact, where technology is introduced, everything speeds up. The world becomes a faster place to work.

Electric train

Many commercial organisations have noted the change and the ability of us to be able to accommodate such changes into our lifestyles. They look to not only speed up processes, but they also look at the positive experience of each of their workers, both management and client facing. As the process speeds up, the level of service must equally either rise or remain as acceptable but never reduce.

Current office buildings no matter what their size around the globe have significant issues with efficiency in regards to energy being used in heating, or to keep it cool when located in warmer climates, lighting can cost vast fortunes, where significant savings can be made with installing intelligent lighting solutions.

When commercial companies convert their businesses to intelligent businesses and environments, apart from the initial investment to change, the benefits of medium to long-term savings will always be the deciding factor that will win through.

Even the world of security benefits in the new technical and intelligent era we all are starting to experience. Security was once a man in his post at the front or rear of his building; now it is 24/7, fully alert and seamless. The inventions of movement sensors, intelligent lighting, discreet cameras, live video streaming with both visual and audible options built into the chosen solution.

The commercial aspect has even moved towards wireless instead of miles of cabling that needed servicing and maintaining all the time by many teams of engineers. With wireless solutions, the apparent benefit any business owner is the considerable savings in human resources as now the need for large numbers is reduced to at times, one man, a control centre and multi-purpose devices such as a Smart Mobile or Tablet.

Another benefit is companies who upgrade to Smart; intelligent Security can now assure their customers and staff that they are adequately protected 24 hours a day. The environment for commerce becomes a very safe environment to do business.

Have you noticed when forward-thinking businesses have made that transition from traditional values to incorporating Smart, intelligent solutions and systems such as Heathrow Airport, how much less stress appears to be everywhere? The environment becomes calmer, more streamlined. You find you have completed the process so much more efficiently, quickly and painlessly.

Sometimes you get that feeling that something is missing, you stop and look back and then realise you have lost nothing. You feel satisfied, and you do not know why. That is what intelligent systems and solutions do for all workers and visitors alike. Reasons to complain and not return disappear, intelligence at home is just as efficient in our workplaces.

Office space

Here are some examples of companies who went forward and embraced Smart intelligence in their workplaces:

The new NATO Headquarters in Brussels, who invested over 1 billion Euros into its fully automated lighting controls and solutions.

Amazon has also looked at our old traditional ways of shopping and with their new revolutionary & innovative stores, change has finally arrived. Soon we all will feel the benefit of no more queuing, packing plastic bags, pushing an over-packed trolley, negotiating our way back to our vehicles and then driving home to start the process of unpacking everything. All these changes are due to full automation possibilities now widely available.

Smart car park


We who used to go to the cinema to see the next blockbuster futuristic movie of the day would often wonder what it would be like to live in the fully automated worlds that were portrayed in these movies. We no longer have to imagine. Our homes, offices, restaurants, car parks, shops, cinemas, hotels are now all showing us the future is actually here today.

Embracing the changes is important, gone are the days on large, chunky computers whereby today you see people wearing computers on their wrist as Smartwatches. Every human appears to have a mobile device connecting to all four corners of the globe in an instant.

We are able to work, rest and play in a fully automated world and enjoy the experience of it all. Not only in the residential part of our lives but also in the commercial world too.

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