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Nest Smart Thermostat

One of the most significant aspects of Home Automation is heating. Imagine having a house that actually learns from your daily routines and schedule them so it can be prepared to have the right heat every single day for you? Also, people like smart heating because if used adequately, it can bring a significant decrease in energy bills. That's the type of solutions this award-winning device provides.

Now, let's assume for a moment that you are new to the whole smart heating spectrum but eager to know more about Nest Learning Thermostat, in that case, let us show what's so great about it.

Hot water control:

The first thing you notice about the Nest learning thermostat is that gives you control over the hot water tank. It already has a schedule, but you can use the Nest app to adjust it according to your needs. It comes with options for instances where you have guests staying over and as a result, you need to change the usual heating schedule. It also helps when you're planning to go away for the holidays, so it has a feature that turns it off while you´re gone, that means that you will be saving money on energy bills from the very start.

OpenTherm Feature

The new Nest Learning Thermostat uses OpenTherm technology which is a great option to integrate other compatible boilers. The technology is still growing so users can expect upcoming software updates designed to provide even more comfort and to make your device more capable of handling future updates.

Nest thermostat showing temperature

Cutting-edge design

Besides the cutting-edge design, it comes with a more prominent display for better accessibility. It also comes with Farsight, which is pretty cool as it allows you set temperature/time and see it on the thermostat screen. Now, it senses when you enter the room and shows you the time/temperature with big, bright characters so that you can see it from afar. You can choose between an analogue display or digital clock.

Now, as its name implies, Nest Learning Thermostat will learn from your daily habits and routines; and eventually, it will have enough information so it can program itself. It gets even cooler as it learns how much time your house takes to warm or cool down, based on the temperature outside. Of course, if the family is out for vacation time, the Nest LT will turn itself off till your arrival.

Nest LT can keep track of energy consumption on a daily basis for you to check it on their smartphone app. It will also keep you posted on tips and advice to save energy plus you can manage the whole smart home heating from the app even if you´re away. 

The Nest LT can integrate perfectly with other Nest devices, of course. Let's say that you own a Nest Protect already and if it senses CO (Carbon Monoxide), it will team up with the Nest LT, and this one will turn itself off the heating system immediately, as the boiler could be the source of CO.  

NP (Nest Protect) is even capable of sending a signal alert - for any reason - to the Nest Learning Thermostat so it can let you know, through wi-fi and update. The Nest Thermostat also integrates with Nest Cams so, and if you leave the house, the Nest Cam will be turned on immediately. Additional features and options, like a Nest Aware Subscription, will allow you to start recording any motion detected.

Nest termostat showing away mode

Nest has full integration capabilities to all kinds of products and devices: from lighting devices to appliances, even vehicles. Like with all Nest products, it doesn't stop there: if you´re away for a holiday, the Nest Thermostat will know that you are away so that it can be used as a security device. It can integrate with the smart lighting to give the impression that the house is occupied which is a significant deterrent for burglars. Nest is a company that genuinely cares for its users, and they prove it by integrating all types of devices just to make your life easier. Make sure that you dig a little bit deeper into this brand and its great solutions for you.

The new Nest Learning Thermostat is somewhere around the £249, including taxes. Like we mentioned at the beginning of this article, the third generation Nest Learning Thermostat is available throughout Europe in over 2,500 shops. So far it has been providing solutions to thousands of households every day.

There you have it, a company that cares for its customers and strives every day in finding the perfect technology, and this third-generation Nest Learning Thermostat is their latest hit. As you can see it comes with improvements everywhere, from design to capabilities, it has been created to deliver smart solutions for the day to day living. Home Automation is more than just Audio/Video, and Multi-room audio or intelligent locks. Smart heating is a big part of any Smart Home and Nest is providing a whole new meaning to Smart Heating as we know it.