How Can Smart Outdoor Technology Enhance Your Home?

Best Smart Outdoor Sepakers

With the arrival of warmer weather comes longer days and the need to decorate the garden to spend relaxing days enjoying the expected temperature with a drink in hand, surrounded by the family and making the most of time by the pool.


  • Outdoor sound speakers
  • Outdoor lamps
  • Outdoor cinema
  • Intelligent watering system
  • Smart technology for pool care

Home design trends are increasingly aimed at creating green spaces to create new areas of comfort. Therefore, people are willing to purchase homes with gardens or even sacrifice some parts to convert them into outdoor spaces. It is demonstrated in the increase given for June 2021 housing prices rose 10.9% thanks to this trend.

As a result, companies saw the opportunity to create a new market of smart items that help us create a comfortable, entertaining space and solve some household chores that become tedious to perform.

This article tells you about the five most popular technologies to implement in the garden, how they work and their qualities.

1. Outdoor sound speakers

The first thing to do when we talk about comfort and entertainment is to install a good outdoor sound system in our favourite space. It's hard to think of a barbecue at home or a day at the pool without that special song we want to play with impeccable volume and sound. But don't worry, if you're thinking of annoying the neighbours, no problem, these systems feature directional audio targeted and accompanied by subtle bass.

For a sound system installation, we'll go out on the hunt and find a set of promising quality speakers with qualities like wireless coverage and intuitive controls. Some of these are Bluetooth enabled. These speakers come in different brands, shapes, sizes and colours, making the process of adapting them to your space simple and fun; in fact, some of them can be camouflaged in their environment.

Another attraction of these outdoor systems is that they can be integrated with your internal sound system and allow music to be distributed throughout your home, in bedrooms, outdoors and in common areas. In addition, control of this system can be managed via a smartphone, tablet or computer connected to it or, in some cases, and it can be voice-controlled via Google Assistant.

At Chris Lewis, we can install intelligent sound systems, which can be discreetly arranged and blend in with the home's design. One of the experiences we can relate to is a period house where our team was fortunate enough to set up an outdoor sound system that blends with the system in the main building, garden and summerhouse.

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Garden with well designed lighting

2. Outdoor lamps

In the summer season, the garden will be well lit, allowing you to enjoy the designs in the garden. Still, when the evening comes, and you want to continue to admire and enjoy the site, you need to invest in a lighting system that will do your garden justice.

These intelligent lighting systems come with innovative features such as dimmable lights, different colours, and patterns, creating the occasion's ambience.

The installation of these fixtures is as practical as their use; these lamps can be installed on outdoor murals or walls and can be linked to floodlights to create a better ambience. Pathways can be illuminated, or different atmospheres can be made, depending on the taste and need of the person. For larger spaces, reinforced systems are created for use in open spaces and consume little energy.

This lighting system is controlled using a control panel or through electronic devices connected to the structure. These controls allow the lights to be switched on and off, change the colours, tone or adjust the time of operation of the system.

3. Outdoor cinema

Enjoying the great outdoors often means letting go of that series we've been telling to watch endlessly or leaving that gripping film halfway through, but in reality, it doesn't have to be that way. By 2021 there are many ways to set up your outdoor cinema at home and get the idea of installing a professional screen system in the garden. The offer is quite wide due to the number of brands that exist. For example, Samsung's Terrace range features 55 to 75 inches screens that integrate 4k and HDR.

Remember when the whole room had to be dark to see a clear picture, those times are over, in these screens, we can enjoy a higher brightness than standard TVs, and they are reinforced to meet changing weather conditions, even these screens include connectivity ports.

Another option we find to enjoy an audiovisual space outdoors are the projectors, they are easy to install, and their screens come in various sizes to suit the needs. Their quality allows the lighting of your environment does not impede entertainment. However, it is necessary to remember that they must be connected to a player or applications to display their content when using either of these two systems.

Integrating lighting, sound and screens into your space gives the consumer a complete experience in which they enjoy opportunities that more and more people are deciding to try.

Outdoor projector screen in a small log cabin

The exteriors of your home with smart technology

As we can conclude, being in an open space does not have to be an experience far from innovation. A smart garden will not only make your intimate moments and parties special but will also add value to your property. From what we can rescue in this article, we bring you:

  • Create different and changing environments in your garden thanks to the support of intelligent lighting.
  • Add energy to your outdoor routine or plans with a pleasant background sound by installing a smart sound system in your garden.
  • Your garden can become whatever you want it to be; imagine a big screen with a final of your favourite sport or the most anticipated movie of the year.

Technology is always advancing towards becoming affordable for everyone, so creating a dream garden is possible; you need to decide.

It is important to work with a professional, as it guarantees that the system will be installed correctly and you will be able to enjoy all the features you purchased. We work for you, and our experts are at your service to prepare a customised system experience for your home that suits your requirements.

We have for you a catalogue of solutions and installation processes, along with support during the purchasing process and study of the systems to be installed, to ensure that your experience when trying out your smart garden is everything you need and takes all its qualities to the maximum.

Sprinkers on a lawn

4. Smart sprinkler system

Leaving aside the advantages of outdoor entertainment, let's talk about the technological aids provided by those systems that seek to make our daily lives easier and help us with some of the household chores that are tedious to perform.

According to the Electronic Specifier electronics guide, automatic lawn watering systems and plant sensors are the two most popular systems in Britain in 2019, ranking as the most requested systems by users. The installation, like the system, is totally practical. Moreover, by having this system integrated into your home, you will find among its utilities the programming according to the climate report. So it becomes not only a system of savings in terms of bill payment, but it is also eco-friendly.

This system has state-of-the-art technology and contains ways to improve its performance; for example, by installing sensors, the irrigation systems will collect information about the garden such as Humidity, fertiliser levels, temperature and CO2 levels, etc.

As mentioned before, these systems simplify life and reduce the list of household chores to be done; we only have to activate the irrigation system and forget about doing this action by carrying a hose and wasting water unnecessarily. Moreover, apart from the time and money it saves us, this system allows us to become aware of vital information to prolong the life of our lawn or plants.

5. Smart technology for pool care

Many users complement their space with a swimming pool design, the perfect companion to a smart garden. Things have changed thanks to technology once thought of as a luxury that only a select few could afford. Cleaning systems offer qualities such as

  • Changing the speed of the pumps and modifying the pool heating.
  • Operate the mechanical pool cover.
  • Mechanising the on/off system of the pool lights.
  • Level the amount of chlorine and salt in the water.

These functions can be operated in your pool at your fingertips. Simply by installing an app on your phone that connects the system to your controller. Some of these systems go even further and can be voice-activated thanks to virtual assistants such as Alexa.

You may be thinking about the cost of your electricity bill or the cost of installing and purchasing these systems, but we are here to tell you that these systems are energy-saving, and some of them are powered by solar panels. On the other hand, we can find very economical systems compared to all their benefits in purchasing options. Don't forget to contact a professional to check the system's compatibility you have in mind with the pool in your home.

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