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The Voice Control Core

To expand the functionality of the Loxone smart home system, we've developed the 'Core' which enables users to connect all Google Assistant devices meaning that your Loxone system can now boast voice control. 

The Core can be integrated with both wireless and wired Loxone systems meaning that any Loxone smart home can benefit from voice commands that enhance the smart home experience.

Diagram showing google > core > loxone

How The 'Core' Works

The 'Core' is a small and discrete component to fit with your smart home system (Available in din rail or freestanding styles) - The 'Core' allows two-way communication between the configuration of your Loxone Miniserver and Home Automate's connection to Google Assistant meaning that the voice commands recognised by Google Assistant are correctly formatted for the Loxone system and also status updates to the Google Assistant.

Range of google home devices with Loxone and Google Assistant logos

How difficult is set up?

Setting up your voice control 'Core' is simple and straightforward - Once signed up, the Home Automate team will need some details regarding your Loxone system and internet provider to pre-configure your 'Core' device. You'll then receive the 'Core' device in the post which will need power and also have an ethernet connection to your router. 

Then simply follow the connection instructions within the Google Home application and your 'Core' will automatically detect the Loxone devices and the configuration details. Now you're ready to enjoy your voice control.

Google home mini with example prompts

Loxone - Real smart homes

Loxone is a smart home component provider which uses trained and professional installers to create smart homes. These professional systems automated many processes within the home and reported to reduce the homeowner's annual tasks performed by 50,000 - Furthermore, our experts have developed the first UK based voice command link between a Loxone smart home system and Google assistant devices, saving you more tasks.

Voice Control made easy

Easy setup

Receive a Home Automate voice command box in the post which will be inclusive of your Core device linking your Loxone system and Google Home. Follow the easy port forwarding instructions and our team will configure the custom link whilst your voice command box auto-detects all the devices within your Loxone system.

Simple Actions

Your voice command box will use all the control phrases associated with Google Home meaning you'll not have to learn new phrases and can enjoy your 'Hello Google' moments.

Maximum enjoyment

Using the Core between any Google Home device and your Loxone system means you'll have an exciting new voice command centre to manage actions within your home. Initially, only fully functional with Loxone lighting, Heating, Blinds and Switches but soon to be compatible with all Loxone components and even able to coordinate with multiple Google Home devices around the home.

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