How much does a smart home cost?

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When you start looking into upgrading your house into a smart home, more often the first question many people ask is ‘’ how much is all this going to cost me?’’, with the large list of options available and so many products & devices it is hard to know which one of the options will offer a better solution and the best value to you.

As disappointing as it may sound, there is no way to answer that question, it all becomes a ‘’ it depends’’ which we know  is the most hated answer but it is all thanks to a large number of options on the market that are categorised as ‘’Smart Home’’

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Choosing your solution.

One of the many benefits of smart homes is that even if your budget is tight there are many options for the DIYers ( Do-It-Yourself) meaning that there is a large variety of products you can set up yourself and only require the use of an app and no complicated wiring. However, more advanced devices will require the help of a professional.

There are a few downsides to this. When you install a new device yourself you always run the risk of not installing it properly and things could go wrong. There will always be limits to the functionality of certain products and chances are that if you are trying to create a coherent smart home you will find more problems than you previously anticipated. 

If you are looking to create a fully functional smart home rather than worry about the price, you should really look into having a professional home automation system installed. You have to think of it as a proper investment, as having a professionally planned and installed system at home will assure total control of your house and all of your devices that will work in harmony to make life at home more comfortable.

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How much can I expect to pay for a smart home system with Loxone?

Loxone does not have an exact price when it comes to installing a home system as there are many different factors that should be taken into consideration first, such as:

  1. The features and specifications you are looking for. 
  2. The size and location of your home.
  3. Labour and installation costs.
  4. Planning, design, and consultancy costs. 
  5. Hardware options ( whether you choose Loxone switches or any other type of switches).

How much more will it cost to wire my home for home automation?

It is a common rule in the industry to say you will most likely need to double your electrical installation budget if you are planning on changing from your conventional wired lighting, heating, and security alarm to the Smart versions of them.

An investment in your home?

You must always be careful when you are considering your options, remember that installing a smart home system is a great investment and you want to look for something that will fulfill your personal tastes and will take care of all of your needs before rushing for any type of system.

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Smart home costs in relation to property value.

A good way to estimate the right price of how much a smart home system is going to cost you in relation to the property value is to expect to be paying around 2% to 6% of your property’s value. However, there is no limit to how much you could spend, and if you have a large house, and want the best devices and systems installed at home, your costs will definitely be higher.

  • 2% of your property value will give you the basic experience of a smart home, which would only include automated lighting, security, and hearting.
  • For 4% of your property value, you will be receiving the same benefits from the 2% but will now have access control and smart intercom. ( iButtons, for example)
  • 6%, at this percentage level you will be most likely acquiring all of the benefits a smart home could offer to you, not only it will give you everything previously mentioned, but you will have more advanced features like full blind control and multiroom audio.
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Installing smart home technology is not just something you decide in a day. It requires time, planning and consultation. Your house is where you go every day after work, it is the place your kids come after school, it is safe to say that it is the very heart of your everyday life, it it important that it gives you and your family the best experience possible. That is why companies like Home Automate will offer you free consultations, to help you decide what is the correct smart home system for you and answer all the questions you could have. 

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