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Smart Home

Smart Home FAQs

Here the most frequently asked questions about smart homes and why they could be perfect for your home.

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Four Trends For A Home Cinema

We look ahead to the four biggest trends for luxury home cinema's in 2019

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Sonos Beam

Sonos Beam Review

An look into why the Sonos Beam has made large waves in the speaker sector and how Sonos upgraded it's soundbar options.

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What is a secure smart home?

Security for ourselves, family and possessions have become an increasing worry for our homes but what is a secure smart home?

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Smart Home options

5 Smart Home devices that won't ruin your homes aesthetics

You want your home to have smart devices but still have the aesthetics that reflect you. Here are some smart home devices that are also stylish enough to have on display.

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Cinema Seating

Home Cinema Advice

You know you want a home cinema but there are so many options out there, how do you go about choosing the right one for you? Hopefully we can help.

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Smart home

Why you should be building a smart home

A smart home is environmentally and economically friendly, as well as having many other benefits, all of which are reason you should be incorporating them into your home.

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Fire place

Ultimate smart Heating Controls Guide

Have you ever wondered what smart heating actually does? Let us explain

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Smart home

Why Future Proof your Smart Home

Why you should prepare your home for the future of smart technology and ways in which you can do this

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Google Home family

Google Home

What is Google Home? We explain what the products are and how to use them

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