5 smart home devices that won't ruin your homes aesthetics

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Smart Home Technology has become a huge blessing for many, making life so much more comfortable and providing security for everyone in the household. Whether it is used for accessibility or convenience, Smart Home Technology has proven to be something you genuinely want at home. 

This is why here at Home Automate, we want to talk to you about modern designs, taking into consideration the decoration value of these items. Most of these devices are built with a modern design, created to suit an extensive range of aesthetic preferences for many customers out there. 

Here are our top five smart home products you should have at home that won't clash with the way your house is decorated.

Amazon Echo (Alexa)

The Echo is an incredible and innovative gadget. Once you get one in your home, you will want one in every room in your house. Giving you the ability to link Alexa to your Smart Home system, thus controlling everything with just your voice. A smart speaker with lots of functionalities such as calendar, news, alarms, weather, music and more, and if you do online shopping, Alexa the Echo assistant can help you do all of this hassle-free and in the comfort of your home. 

Now with the second generation of Echo prices have gone down making it more accessible for everyone. You can get them with finishes for every style (Charcoal, Heather Gray or Sandstone or if you are into a more traditional finish you can acquire the Walnut or Oak finish to suit your style better)

The new Echo is also smaller than the original, making it more attractive and easier to set up, it takes up less space but works just as well as the original, even Amazon claims the new Echo is made with better speakers and Dolby processing making it a better and smoother experience. 

Who is it made for? - Anybody. Any person who desires a smart speaker that can be incorporated into almost every Smart Home System.

Does it come with a display? - Unfortunately no, it all depends on the Alexa app on any of your Smart Devices. 

What makes it different from the others? - New design, shorter, better speakers, clear audio, top audio quality, stable for various surfaces and comes with a diverse variety of finishes to suit your style at home.

Alexa speaker on table


Nanoleaf is a whole brand new lighting experience. Small light panels to place anywhere in your home, producing a smart light, unlike anything you have ever seen before. With stunning colours and light automation through the entire day, improving your mood and adapting to your preferences.  

It is music for your eyes, literally, with a rhythm add-on module which transforms your favourite tunes into a light for your Nanoleaf panels. A Triangular panel that you can put together in any shape you desire, decorating your home in any way you want, easy to mount on any flat surface using mounting tape.

Giving you the ability to customise the lighting from inside the App, creating multiple scenes and moods for different occasions, plus you can share yours or download the views from different users in the Nanoleaf community. Compatible also with Alexa or Siri or any Google Assistant via voice or the toggle button on the remote to be able to control your smart light at any time you want and the way you want.

Nanoleaf lighting a living room

Qardiobase 2

Keeping an eye on your health has never been easier. Nobody likes to have to see the numbers on the bathroom scale, but Qardiobase 2 takes some of the awkwardness away, tracking your weight, BMI and full body composition (water, fat and bone composition) and, it records all your data on your smartphone to keep track of your work. 

Qardiobase 2

The Qardiobase 2, comes with an innovative circular shape design to match the style of new bathrooms in addition to offering all the fantastic technological features mentioned before. Qardiobase 2 also comes with a particular App to download on your selected Smart Device to save the personal data of multiple users and stores it for personal use only. 

Qardiobase with app


The Ecobee4 is more than just a smart thermostat for your Smart Home. It is a room sensor to help manage the hot and cold spots around the house. Built in with Alexa voice service for easy control. It also comes with many cool features, like being able to read the news and many other things.

You´ve seen thermostats usually just like the ones in charge of controlling room temperature well, with the Ecobee changes that entirely. This is a thermostat that can also read the temperature for the entire house and detect occupancy, ensuring comfort in the rooms that are occupied by giving everyone the temperature desired. How cool is that?

With a digital touch screen HUB to help you arrange and control the temperature functions, making it the perfect replacement for your old thermostat and give you control of your home temperature.


Sonos PLAY

Set up a stereo pair or a multi-room system with a couple of SONOS Play wireless speakers. Connecting to your smart home via the Wifi allowing you to stream thousands of free internet radio stations and your favourite music at all times.

A real music pioneer is always looking for the best sound quality, that is something that Sonos can provide. Many customers spend most of their daytime listening to music all day, a sort of soundtrack for their daily activities, and with the Sonos Play, your entertainment experience will be extraordinary. High-quality sound playing in any of the speakers you set up at home, or maybe you can choose to play a specific speaker in one of the rooms without interrupting what everyone else is doing. 

Their compact size is incredible to take care of those small corners or spaces we sometimes have after decorating the house, and those are usually an excellent position for the Sonos Play speakers. 

High technology gadgets to make your life more comfortable doesn't mean that they have to get in the way of your home decoration, there are many different devices to help your life at home be more enjoyable while also giving you the decor style, variety of colours and designs your house deserves. All of this while providing you with the intelligent solutions you are looking for.

Make sure that you find the right connection between edgy devices and tasteful decoration within your household. Modern times have proven that those two elements can go together thus creating a new fresh approach to the sometimes complexity of cutting-edge technology.

Home Automation hopes you found this guide helpful to fulfill all your needs for decoration and smart integration at home.

Sonos play

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