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The Google Home Max is finally here. A high-end speaker with built-in voice assistant, wireless and sleek design. Joining the revolution of speakers with a huge advantage, the best sounding of them all. However, as amazing as the new Google Home Max is, there are some disadvantages that will have you consider the other options, here is our review on the Google Home Max. 

Google is being the first one to turn up the volume up to 11 with the new Max smart speaker. This incredible music machine has finally been released after many months of waiting in the UK, and like most intelligent speakers the Google Home Max can turn your lights on, search the web with the help of your voice commands, but where it actually excels more than any other smart speaker is the ability to play your music with the highest quality available. 

Its audio credentials are one of the most impressive seen yet. Equipped with dual high-excursion woofers the Google Home Max gives a loud, clear and booming bass that provides the best audio experience. 

To top it off, Google has included the Smart Feature on the Google Home Max to use the artificial intelligence to work out and provide the best and ultimate sound for the room you choose to place your new Google Home Max. We genuinely love what we heard and its bass-rich audio makes it second to none. 

It is important to point out that in order to get the best experience out of this Google device you are going to require an online music subscription. Those with accounts in Deezer, Spotify, Google Play music and YouTube can simply just ask the Google home Max to sync into any playlist or play any particular song you request via voice command at any time. 

In addition to that, the Google Home Max can tune into any of your favourite radio stations, they all connect seamlessly with the help of an online connection. Google has made every smart mode to please all of its customers, as the Google Home Max also comes as a standard Bluetooth speaker allowing any Apple device and Apple Music users connect their devices in and start playing your favourite music without any delay. 

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Along with its smart music playback, the Google Home Max can work as your personal voice intelligent assistant to answer any of your questions, thanks to the huge amount of knowledge carried by Google. You will be amazed at how difficult it is to find a question that the Google Home Max is unable to answer.

Setting up the Google Home Max is very straightforward and simple. All you are required to do is log into the Google home app and have your phone connected to your Wifi network. Proceed to selected the speakers on the app and all is done. The whole procedure can take less than five minutes and everybody at home can do it without any issues.

There is no doubt the Google Home Max, is a superbly well-designed speaker and with all of Google Knowledge of the web we are certain that there is very little the Google Max Home won't know. 

However, as amazing as the Google Home Max is, there is always some disadvantages that you must be aware of, and one of the biggest ones is the price.

The device is around £399, which is almost £80 more expensive than many other smart speakers. For that same amount of money, you could be buying four Amazon Echos or even two of the highest quality Sonos speakers. 

Another disadvantage for the Google Home Max, is the not so user-friendly swipe control strip located on the top of the device, that can be very irritating for many as the strip seems to be very rebellious and has a mind of its own.

The device itself is not very small, it can be pretty bulky and is definitely not very subtle when placed on your living room shelf or even your kitchen worktop, although the device can be stood up on its end helping with the placement of it when you are going to install the device. 

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Review. (Pros & Cons)


  • Google is still one of the best Smart Assistants.
  • Bluetooth enable offers greater flexibility. 
  • Incredible and unrivaled sound quality. 


  • Irritating touch controls. 
  • Very High Price compared to other devices. 
  • A music subscription is required to get the most from it.


With the Google Home Max offering over 20 times the power and the volume up to 11 compared to the standard Google Home, you can be assured that you will be bragging about the highest quality of your speaker device to your neighbours.  

The Google Home Max, is beautifully designed and offers a great sounding smart speaker that will bring many different features to your home and make life so much more enjoyable. 

If you are a bass lover, it is a great device to obtain, and with its built-in Bluetooth it has a very high advantage over many of its rivals. 

Thanks to the superb Google knowledge, the Google Home Max is definitely the most intelligent speaker you could ever ask for.

However, where there are great points thanks to all of the great features it offers, there is also bad points. As we genuinely feel that £399 for the device is way too high, and there are more intelligent speakers with smart home assistance that could offer a much better value.  

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