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Smart Home Cleaning Devices For a Tech Lover

Cleaning around the house is no longer a hassle thanks to smart home technology. Find about the latest smart home cleaning solutions and how they can make people’s daily tasks easier and more fun.

Cleaning the house isn’t something most people enjoy, in fact, it’s one of those daily activities that can be considered annoying and time-consuming. Even if you don’t hate cleaning the house, these smart home cleaning devices can easily become your best allies ever.

Haven’t you ever dreamed of a floor that mops itself? Wouldn’t you just love to see grime and dust magically disappear? Well, thanks to smart home technology, cleaning around the house has never been easier and users can keep a house clean just by programming their smart cleaning devices to do all the work for them.

This is a new generation of home automation devices that truly combine the best of smart home technology and cleaning duties. This technology will provide benefits to both tech lovers and people who tend to rely on more classic, cleaning methods.

Now, of course, when you talk to people about “smart home cleaning devices” their minds immediately think of a Roomba, the automated vacuum that gained popularity a few years back and looks so lovely gliding through halls and rooms cleaning while playing music.

Fortunately, the world of smart home technology has improved tremendously ever since and right now it delivers much more than a robot vacuum. In fact, they have advanced so much with new features and functions that right now the majority of smart cleaning products are capable of syncing with smart home assistants and through mobile devices.

Of course, there’s still a lot of ground to cover for the smart home cleaning industry and there’s still a lot to come, there are some pretty cutting edge solutions that can truly become a family’s best cleaning ally. Here’s the latest of this fantastic and helpful technology.

Cleaning The Windows: 

Cleaning windows duties were among the top 5 most hated household chores. Fortunately, the smart cleaning industry has finally come up with automated products that can help you with this rather annoying house task.

Now, automated window cleaners are just starting to develop, they’re the new members of the smart cleaning family, which means that we haven’t seen everything from this aspect of smart cleaning technology but it seems like for now they have good solutions for those who hate cleaning windows and associated elbow strains.

There’s one particular robot window cleaner that is gaining popularity for its design and effectiveness to clean windows. It’s called Gladwell Gecko Robot Window Cleaner. This device uses suction technology to remain attached to a window with a safety rope attachment so you don’t have to worry if the device falls from above.

Besides this, the device is controlled using a smartphone app for more comfort and, this is the best part, it’s able to detect edges. These features guarantee that every inch of your window will be flawlessly scrubbed without you lifting a finger.

It comes with machine-washable microfiber cleaning pads plus a full 1-year warranty. Definitely, a great option if you’re tired of hurting your elbow every time you have to do cleaning windows chores.

Cleaning The Floors:

We can all agree that this aspect of smart house cleaning is the most explored one. Naturally, this means that floor cleaning smart solutions are the most advanced so far. The smart home cleaning industry right now offers automated mops and automated vacuums and some of them can do both.

Just like with any other smart home product, they work through an app and have voice control capabilities. For instance, newer versions of the acclaimed Roomba, like the iRobot Roomba 690 are becoming kings of the industry and there’s plenty of versions to choose from.

The one we just mentioned is special because it receives commands from both Amazon’s Alexa or Google Assistant. Other features include 90-minute functionality on one charge. It will take care of crumbs, pet hair, dust from any floor surface - either carpet or hard floors -  and then it will automatically go back to its station for recharging.

Now for smart mopping, there’s the iRobot Braava which can be used for either dry or moist mopping on stone, wood, tile or laminate floors. It’s compatible with cleaning pads from other brands. It also comes with navigational features that allow the device to map and remember locations, obstacles and many more.

Cleaning The Air

When we realise that the indoor air we have can be just as polluted as the outside air, we start looking for automated alternatives that help us clean the air we breathe. In fact, polluted air inside the house can generate asthma, eczema and it can even cause sleep disorders.

Using smart home technology to keep your doors and windows clean is good but it isn’t enough. If you or a family member is constantly congested, maybe it’s time to take a look at our house’s air quality.

A great smart home solution here is Coway and its latest air purifiers. They have options that besides being conveniently sized offer 4 filtration stages that work well with both small places to large residences with an efficiency cleaning rate of more than 95%.

For instance, the Coway AP Mighty Air Purifier that catches everything from hair to even microscopic contaminants. If that is not enough, it also comes with an intuitive air quality monitor that shows how much pollution is in your house before and after. Additional features include saving-energy and sound-proof capabilities.

As you can see smart home technology keeps reaching the most unexpected places of a house and delivering fantastic solutions that remove all the dread from some household chores. It’s about time that this technology shows itself as a good solution to people who are still lingering in the traditional ways of performing household tasks.

Get on board with this new side of technology with the guidance from a great team of experts and realise how many benefits you and your loved ones will get from Smart Home cleaning technology.