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Nest to Target Older Generations

Nest to Target Older Generations

Even though technology has delivered some smart devices and solutions for senior citizens (like MedMinder and ReminderRosie which are solutions to help the elderly remember that is medicine time and other day-to-day things that they may forget), there's still a long road ahead. Most companies have not focused on this type of consumers and most importantly how can these solutions really enhance their lifestyle and provide real solutions to senior citizens.

Companies focused on high tech devices and cutting-edge house solutions, usually move their market strategy and development of products towards a younger audience. New generations are more open to new technologies and - apparently - have a better understanding or connection with modern technology. The good thing is that it doesn't have to be that way anymore as Nest (Google´s division for smart home products) has finally turned its attention to senior citizens not only as a potential - and almost unexplored - market but also to provide a line of high tech solutions for the elderly. 

In that way, dealing with technology is no longer a struggle but actual aid, and they sure need it. As we age our very essential functions can decrease at very extreme levels, and Smart Home technology can genuinely bring light into this aspect for senior citizens.

With that in mind, Nest started digging a little bit more about senior citizens' needs, concerns and struggles they get from daily activities after a certain age, and the best way to approach the market and see how it works first hand are, of course, senior living homes. At those places they can definitely get a better understanding of the whole situation a hopefully try to come up with a strategy to include senior citizens in the entire Home Automation spectrum more actively.

Now, many factors contribute to this need to have Home Automation technology more suited for the elderly and to find out in which instances this technology can be helpful. Nest is striving to hear all suggestions and recommendations before start taking real actions about this. Now, let's not forget that Nest and other Home Automation device manufacturers already offer products that, if used correctly, can enhance the way senior citizens live, for instance, an integration between smart locks and smart lighting (which is possible now) can represent a substantial aid for seniors who have a hard time walking to the door.

The idea here is to make senior citizens get the independence that they want and make their daily activities as smooth as possible. A real opportunity to age in their homes using technology that allowing them to live longer there. If they embrace the idea of having remote control over their daily activities, it will make their lives more enjoyable and safer.

This can be accomplished by trying to get senior citizens to have a better understanding of Smart Home rules and uses. Some of them may be reluctant, but if families do an excellent introduction to these solutions, maybe they can willingly embrace them. In that sense, integration between technology and the elderly will be more friendly, thus will experience better results.

There are many stages in which Home Automation can help ageing persons, and that's exactly where technology is making significant improvements to make them infallible. Medical care coordination, Tele-medicine (which is remote medical consultation), Fall prevention, Security and Communication,  all of those are definitely improving, and we should see the outcomes soon.

How Can Families help to their senior relatives?

Families will also have peace of mind as they can keep in touch with their older relatives, knowing that they are keeping their minds active and do not feel lonely or depressed. For now, families can try to start implementing these solutions little by little, and we´re going to show three things you can do to start bringing the Smart Home element to older generations at home.

1)Get a Nest learning thermostat installed to control temperature immediately, plus the device learns from regular patterns thus avoiding constant manual handling and maybe save a little on utility bills.

2)Change bulbs and start a mini smart lighting project, many options available to all budgets. 

3) Install a security system and get it set up in a way that it links to compatible devices (Nest is excellent at integrating smart home solutions). Imagine the benefits of having Smart Motion sensors that activate the lighting systems at night. This aspect is crucial and can potentially save lives.


The initiative that Nest is performing is worth praising at many levels. Provides many solutions and not just to senior citizens. But they´re not the only ones. Amazon is another giant taking its first steps into bringing Smart Home technology. We need to wait to see they prepare to compete in the market with this sector of society.

Home Automation doesn't have to be hard, not all smart home projects are complex. As we saw above, many home automation solutions are quite easy to implement, and many are DIY (Do It Yourself). Some of them are not permanent, so they can be removed if something doesn't feel adequate. Older generations need to stop feeling afraid of new things and see how technology wants to learn from us to make this life journey an easy one.