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Beach deck chair

Smart homes mean more relaxing holidays

Rest easy when your away from home knowing your home is kept safe and will alert you to any changes.

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bulb money

4 simple ways to reduce your energy bills

Find out how changing your home to a smart home can help cut cost of your energy bills.

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loxone lights

9 reasons for smart lighting in a home

Nine reasons why smart lighting can benefit your home.

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home lock chain

10 Home Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Find out all the things you need to avoid to keep you and your home safe from unwanted entry.

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cinema screen chairs

4K, Entertainment, Home Cinema

Find out all you need to know on home cinema entertainment.

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Solar Panels

The Advantages of Solar Panels in your Smart Home

Introducing Solar panels to your smart home through Loxones simple and cost effect designs

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New - Faradite Black Motion Sensor

The recently released black motion sensor by Faradite - A look into how this will benefit smart homes.

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Benefits Of Smart Sensors

Smart sensors are at the core of a home automation system meaning that inputs can trigger autonomous actions based on configuration.

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9 Devices For A Smart Garden

Expanding your smart system beyond the home and into the garden can reduce the amount of daily tasks and offer better control over your entire property.

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Smart Security and Alarms

What's the possibilities with smart security and alarms through home automation?

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