Lightbulb on top of money

4 Simple Ways To Reduce Your Energy Bills

Slash your energy bills with these four straightforward steps: Ensure windows are sealed, turn off standby appliances, optimize your heating system, and switch to LED lighting for significant savings and a greener home.

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Multi coloured smart home lighting

9 reasons for smart lighting in a home

Explore nine compelling reasons why smart lighting is a must-have in your home, from enhancing safety and convenience to improving energy efficiency and aesthetic appeal. Embrace the future of home illumination today.

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Miniture home secured with a padlock and chain

Ten Home Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Learn the top 10 home security mistakes to avoid, from oversharing on social media to inadequate outdoor lighting, and discover how smart technology can fortify your home against potential threats, ensuring peace of mind and safety for your family.

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Holiday beach photo

Smart homes mean more relaxing holidays

Experience peace of mind on holidays with smart home automation. Stay informed and in control with real-time updates, ensuring your home remains secure and functioning optimally while you relax and enjoy your time away.

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Home cinema

4K, Entertainment & Home Cinema

Dive into the world of 4K entertainment and home cinema, where ultra high definition meets superior color and texture, enhancing your viewing experience. Discover the intricacies of 4K technology and how it's reshaping home entertainment.

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Stacks of coins with a home

How Much Money (and Energy) Can I Save Using Home Automation?

We take a look at great ways to save money using home automation.

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Solar panels on a home roof

The Advantages of Solar Panels in your Smart Home

Embrace the future with solar panels in your smart home, leveraging renewable energy for environmental and budget benefits. The Loxone Smart Home experience offers seamless integration with solar technology, optimizing energy usage, and ensuring your home operates efficiently.

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Tesla on road with sunset

Tesla Car Charging

Explore the efficiency of Tesla's charging solutions and their impact on sustainable travel. Learn about Model S charge times, costs, and setup for optimal energy use.

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Nest Protect Sensors

Introducing the Nest Protect, Smoke & CO Alarm

We take a look at the Nest Protect.

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Faradite black motion sensor

New - Black Faradite Motion Sensor

Discover the new black Faradite motion sensor, designed specifically for cinema environments. Its sleek black finish ensures seamless integration into any setting, enhancing both the aesthetic and functionality of home cinemas. A must-have for cinema installers seeking the perfect balance of form and function.

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