9 reasons for smart lighting in a home

Multi coloured smart home lighting

From keeping your house safe while you are not home to helping you be more active to help you save energy at home, there are a large number of ways to use smart lighting at home. Light bulbs and Lighting systems at home just keep getting more and more intelligent each day.

Smart lighting systems are constantly showing us new upgrades and features that benefit our home’s, from safety all the way to entertainment. The most recent lighting solutions for home are very versatile and there is a solution for everyone. 

luxy lighting in huge living room space

1. Convenience. 

The latest smart lighting systems for the home can be completely programmed to recognise the time of day and if there is any natural light in the room (Light from outside that is enough to illuminate a room) causing it to turn on and off automatically. What’s best is that even if you forgot to turn the lights off on your way out, they will recognize this and turn themselves off to avoid wasting energy at home.  

2. Safety.

Thanks to the smart lighting systems, when you are away from home at night, the lights will randomly come on and off, making it look more active and less attractive to any burglars as It will replicate someone being at home.

Smart lighting in a kitchen

3. Scare Tactics.

Any unwelcome visit at home will scurry away thanks to the help of motion sensors that link in with your lighting. They will automatically turn on when they detect motion so this will deter anyone who will be displayed giving the best scare tactic and keep the unwanted company away.

4. Entertainment.

Smart lights at home can follow entertainment patterns, making the lights dim down in preparation for movies.

Smart lights can even beat and pulse to the beat and rhythm of your music, making your parties even more alive. 

Bright well lit living room

5. Energy savings.

When it comes to energy savings there is nothing better than LED bulbs and motion detectors. The bulbs consume way less energy than the conventional yellow light bulbs, and when attaching your LED bulbs to the light dimmers, the energy savings will multiply and reduce your energy costs.

As for the motion detectors, when linked with your light system, your lights will turn off when nobody is detected in the house and come back on automatically once they sense movement making it so there won't be any waste of energy. 

6 .Your health. 

The new smart lighting offers great benefits for your health as the new bulbs have been engineered to produce light that simulates that of the sun, helping your health and allowing you to be more productive. It also helps with your sleep, the lights will start to dim down as the night goes by helping you get sleepy as there won't be any bright lights shining on your face.

Bathroom with red and white lighting

7. Aesthetic Value. 

Smart lighting helps with the aesthetic value of your home, you can adjust and adapt your lighting on each room for different purposes. More illumination is not always the answer, as there are some rooms that with a softer light intensity make your home interior look better. 

8. Remote Access. 

Thanks to special apps connected to your smart lighting, you can remotely access your lights at any time, from any location. You could be coming home late at night after work, pull out your smartphone and turn your main entrance and driveway lights on remotely before you even arrive home. 

LiFX Bulbs

9. Personality. 

Smart lighting can give your house a personality, setting up an ambiance for every room, or helping you liven up spaces, even add a dramatic effect to certain rooms if you prefer it that way. 

Lighting has come along way and is constantly evolving, the development of smart lighting has provided many benefits as outlined, it's something to consider for your home.

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