Introducing the Nest Protect, Smoke & CO Alarm

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40 years ago fires would spread differently as the structures we used for home were different. It could take up to 30 minutes for a room to be engulfed by the fire. Nowadays it takes less than five minutes. Houses today are made out of different building materials, synthetic furnishing and open floor plans that could make the fires more dangerous. The safety of you and your family should always come first, that’s why you should consider the Nest Protect. 

We believe that smoke alarms should help you, and not just with loud sounds. A real smoke alarm should always be able to send you the information and keep you updated when you need to get out safely in case of a fire.

7 out of 8 Firefighters in the UK would trust the Nest Protect Smoke and CO alarm to protect their homes. Now with the second generation of Nest Protect you can feel safer than before. Completely redesigned inside and out. And, once again, Nest has changed what a smoke alarm can be. 

Big corporations and offices are often investing in different types of smoke alarms. But why should an office have more advanced protection and fire sending technology than the house you live in? That's the reason why Nest Labs have released the Nest Protect, the first smoke alarm that uses cutting-edge technology to take care of your home. We’re talking about a technology that uses two different wavelengths of light to spot different kinds of smoke so it can detect both fast and slow-spreading fires in a prompt manner.

The ability to catch fires early is very important for obvious reasons. When other alarms notice danger, a piercing, and the obnoxious sound fills the kitchen as the smoke rises from the burning stove. You start flinging tea towels and search for different objects to hit the alarm off or even tear it off the ceiling to make it stop. With Nest, those days are over. 

The Nest Protect has a fast detection system with a chime and a voice that will inform you that smoke is detected and its levels are increasing. It will notify you in a calm way so you can take the necessary measures without spreading panic when there's no need to do so. You can just take care of the issue and go back to your usual activities hassle-free.

One of the main struggles with photoelectric fire alarms is false alerts, which can be produced when bugs, dust or other particles find a way into the smoke chamber. Right now,  this can be easily avoided by keeping sensors clean, but still is a major flaw on fire detectors. That's why one of Nest Lab's goals was to reduce false alarms significantly, hence they launched the second generation of devices that have been specially engineered to accomplish this. It looks like they have done it because the 2nd generation of Nest Protect comes with a smoke chamber that is heavily sealed, well protected against dust and totally false-alarm free.

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Unlike some other smoke and CO alarms that need to be replaced every few years. The Nest Protect comes with a lifetime of up to 10 years, thanks to the new, long-last carbon monoxide sensor. And let’s not forget it will always send a notification to let you know when the battery is running low and it is time to be replaced.  

The key component of any smoke alarm is sound. This functions as the alarm that warns you of the real danger and keeps you safe and protected at all times. But if everything is under control, you might not even need that sound anymore. This is the reason why the Nest Protects has app silence control. With the App Silence, you can silence an alarm from your phone by using Wifi or Bluetooth. There is no need to climb ladders again or fling tea towels around the room. Walk into the room and make sure that everything is alright when you get a notification, proceed to open the notification on your phone and press the silence button. Tap and hold, and the Nest Protect’s alarm will shut off.

Furthermore, it is recommended by the London Fire Brigade that you test your smoke alarms once a year. This is good advice if you consider what's at stake here, so you better start those annual checks on your alarm. However, the London Fire Brigade found that 9 out of 10 us don't do it. And that leaves us and others at risk. However, the second generation, Nest Protect has been designed to make testing a lot easier. Not only will test your smoke alarm but it will also test the sensors and batteries 400 times a day! Showing you that they are working at night with Nightly Promise, the second generation of Nest Protect allows you to manually check all your alarms from your phone. You can test the power, Wi-Fi connection, siren, speakers and the sensors on every Nest Protect in your home with just one single tap.

That is not all, Nest Protects has taken one step further, making sure that you hear and get a notification if something is wrong. In order to do this the Nest Protect automatically tests its speakers and sirens once a month with a quiet one second sound, and the Nest Protect will do its very best to test its audio when nobody is home to hear it, talk about thoughtful protection. 

If you want to find out more about the Nest Protect, how to acquire it and how to protect your family please contact Home Automate we are always at your service to answer any questions and doubts while bringing you the best possible solutions.

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