New - Black Faradite Motion Sensor

Faradite black motion sensor

Faradite has listened to its customers and recently they finally released a new motion sensor. It’s completely black to help it blend more easily with the background. Definitely a must for cinema installers and home cinemas who wish to enhance both aesthetics and required functionality.

The new fully black motion sensor by Faradite is specially designed for cinemas is available in the market right now. Cinema installers will now enjoy a new concept on aesthetics with a device guaranteed to satisfy customer’s needs in a compact package.

The whole purpose of this new black volt free motion sensor is to help cinema installer who usually were forced to paint their motion sensors so they are not noticeable. This new sensor by Faradite is completely black, that way it’ll blend entirely with the background delivering better aesthetics and top-notch performance.

Faradite black motion sensor

Cinema Installers Are Thrilled

The cinema industry is always growing, striving to develop as much as it possibly can in terms of both performance and looks. This means that in addition to making sure that the projection side is flawless, there’s also the aesthetic side of cinemas which is also very important. If cinema installers manage to achieve a good level of aesthetic appeal, then the venue will be more suitable for lighting and interior designers to do their work.

A great twist on the design of the new Faradite motion sensor was that, up until that moment, all motion sensors may be coloured to blend with the background, however, the lens is still white. Then the purpose for Faradite was to come up with the ultimate sensor that is up to modern cinema requirements. The answer was simple: black lenses.

Block and white faradite motion sensors

A New Cinema Experience

A great thing about cinema is their ability to generate emotions even before the projection starts. It makes part of the whole experience, cinema installers know it and moviegoers expect it. White motion sensors don’t help to create the perfect cinema ambience. 

Faradite’s latest black motion sensor allows you to build the perfect amount of excitement and anticipation on the audience. Furthermore, it allows installers to use lighting adequately to build the right mood and not worrying about the motion sensor’s colour. 

Make sure that you speak with your smart home provider - if you don’t have one, please click here to talk to one of our representatives - before anything because your control system is what matters the most. Without it and without proper programming your motion sensor will simply detect motion, nothing more.

Home cinema

The Best Cinema Sensor In The Market

This new line of Faradite’s black sensors is designed to overcome a recurring issue. Nothing needs to be modified or sprayed.

More than the change in its colour, the sensor has other good features. For instance, the sensor is completely silent and the size of the lens has been reduced without diminishing its functionality. You get, the colour and the size in one practical package. Besides, and just like happens with all of Faradite’s products, its CE marked and all the prior testing so it can deliver a perfect response, according to your cinema’s needs.

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