10 Home Security Mistakes You Need to Avoid

Miniture home secured with a padlock and chain

Safety in our house should always be an essential matter and as times evolve so should be our strategies to stay ahead of potential dangers. Home security is not something that should be left unattended, on the contrary, it must be something that we continuously revise to avoid security mistakes that burglars can take advantage of.

With that in mind, we've created a list of common mistakes made by homeowners and ways to correct them so can go to bed knowing that your entire family is safe and protected.

1) Letting people know of your travelling plans on Social Media:

People rely heavily on social media nowadays, and we´ve all seen cases where people use social media almost like a personal diary. Experience dictates that this is not entirely recommended as burglars do have ways to use this information in their benefit. 

We suggest that if you have too many followers on social media, try not to be too trustworthy of "friends" that you don't know. Think about the people who really need to know about your upcoming trips or consider spreading your traveling plans with everybody after you´ve returned from them.

2) No visible deterrents against burglars outside:

Home security dictates that skillful thieves keep a regular update on security technology so they know if a house is well protected, so the chances are that they will avoid those places that evidently have a reliable security system. Make sure that you have a sign or some way to let people know that you have a stable, active protection system, that's the most significant burglar deterrent.

A common mistake is trying to fool miscreants by "installing" fake security systems, like cameras and such, in a vague effort to "protect" and save money. That is a big risk because burglars can definitely spot on those and make their move. Instead, you can consider Home Automation technology, as it provides a fantastic bespoke solution and the options are so many that they can fit pretty much any budget. 

Check out brands like Nest or Ring which have a wide price range, excellent video quality and provide a cutting-edge look and positively a big drawback for burglars.

Key with house keyring

3) To hide a key outside the house:

This one here is a no-brainer, leaving outside a key that grant access to your home is definitely a no-no, regardless of how well you hide it. Again, burglars do know about these things. If there's no other way but to have a spare key available, then you should consider Home Automation, the market here also offers Smart Locks that can open the door for you, just by using a smartphone thus forgetting all the struggles of not knowing where your keys are. 

Yale is a good option here as they provide fantastic solutions that enhance security in any house but that can also be integrated to work with other aspects of the house, besides safety and protection.

4) Fail to secure the garage door:

We can all agree that a garage is a very vulnerable part of any house, just as weak as having a window or a door open. Current ways to secure a garage door, like universal remotes, are no longer infallible as garage doors can be easily opened with modified remotes. Well, guess what, smart home security is also a solution giver here. A Smart Lock for your garage will give you the control you need to make sure that no one attempts to break in through your garage door.

Do not underestimate burglars capacity to stay up to date with ways to break conventional security devices and use the smart technology you have available.

Burglar lock picking front door

5) Rely too much on "traditional" ways to provide security:

Let's face it, those traditional ways or alarms, are usually reactive solutions that go off only after the crime occurred or while is taking place, but most of the times it is after the break-in happened which is hardly a solution. The idea here is to have something extra that helps people prevent a break-in before it happens. Smart Home security and its integration capabilities are the new way to stay ahead of possible trouble.

Wifi connected and integrated devices are allowing more and more households to prevent any suspicious activity before it escalates and it's too late.

6) Being too obvious about the fact that you´re not at home:

The 90´s movie Home Alone was the first tip we received on that if a house appears to have people inside, burglars will back off. This is one of the best deterrents against burglars, and yes, smart home technology has also improved in this field big time. Again, Nest and Ring have come up with fantastic solutions to achieve this. They have Smart doorbell rings that allow you to answer from pretty much anywhere in the world, so if you answer the door in real time, guess what would be the burglar´s reaction then. Smart lighting systems like Loxone also offer timed lighting solutions to represent someone moving through the home exactly like you did when you were there. Integration among devices takes a critical role because when you integrate smart doorbell with smart lighting and blinds, plus Smart Audio systems, and you can even replicate someone being home.

Burgular climbing through open window

7) Available ladders:

Also a simple solution here, more so if your residence does have multiple stories. Try not to leave any left unattended ladders and by all means don´t leave a ladder overnight or if you´re planning on going away. If you must have a ladder outside try to make sure that you have all windows and doors locked (hopefully using smart technology).

8) Unlocked windows and doors:

In many occasions when we return to our house after work or after a trip, we realise that a window was left unlocked and sometimes the worst has happened, and someone broke in. That's because leaving doors and windows opened unknowingly happens more than what we believe. 

During the recent heatwave, most of us were "forced" to leave our windows unlocked so the house can breathe or maybe we just forget to do it, which can be potentially dangerous for obvious reasons. Make wise use of Smart Locks that run checks on the entire house and lets you know if a window or a door has been left unlocked.

Person hiding in bush

9) Poor outdoor lighting:

We all know that burglars work can be highly effective if the place has poor outdoor lighting. Avoid blind spots outside your house at all costs and also having a bright light on the front door which stays on all night. Also, motion detectors around your property are also recommended. Nest have smart motion sensors that can be programmed in a way that they send you notifications only if there's a possible burglary attempt, that way you won't get notifications every time a cat or a pigeon passes by.

Finally, having a bright light at your front door is a significant deterrent as burglars will think it twice before trying to make a move on your house.

10) Having potential hiding spots outside:

Look for anything that can be used as hiding spots at night. Tall plants can be used as an example of potential hiding spots. Remember that a bright front yard scares away burglars, make wise use of lights and floodlights to keep everything under control and well protected.


There you go, ten common mistakes people make that affect a house´s security, but that can be adequately corrected with simple habits and by implementing smart home technology to your house. Protect your house from burglars and make it future-proof while doing it, your loved ones will surely appreciate it, and you will all get peace of mind.

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