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Smart Home FAQs

The rise to prominence Smart Home technology has experienced in the past few years is overwhelming. New products and solutions are made everyday so they can fit to modern day-to-day living, and some of them have turned into real musts to all homes, not just the "smart" ones. Now, the ultimate goal for customers should be the ability to successfully integrate those home automation elements into a lifestyle. Here are some tips to get that cutting-edgy-smart into your property.
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So, can Home Automation technology really improve my way of life?

It definitely can, but we are going to dig a little bit in more in those critical elements that make Home Automation useful to cope with the day to day living, so it is more clear to you:

The main aspects that definitely experience an improvement after they get the Smart Home coating are Security and Money Saving, which are crucial to any household. Smart home technology can detect lights that have been On for a while, detects appliances that are not being used but are still using power not to mention heating which also uses a considerable amount of energy. Once they have been discovered, smart homes will inform the owners with a smartphone notification, or it can just turn them off by itself. 

Loxone has a particular "holiday mode" in which the smart home by itself, checks that all windows, doors and appliances are shut & off. We can safely say that intelligent homes do reduce money spent on utility bills every month, so there's a significant benefit for your budget. Security is the other cornerstone of any home automation project. Trespassers, guests, water & gas leaks they can all be detected and monitored so you know who is around your premises and to stay ahead of any house malfunction so it can be repaired promptly. 

Internal and external cameras help you to spot on real-time anyone at your door, and you can monitor and open/close gates through a smartphone app. Smart locks can provide unique, one-time use codes to guests and visitors, so you don't have to open the door yourself. 

There's a third aspect which is also, and it is Comfort. You want solutions to handle day to day living. Yes, security matters and having an extra something on your pocket that didn't go on utility bills is fantastic, but what happened to the cool factor? You need to live your life hassle-free, with your house as an ally not as a burden. Smart houses provide smart lightning so you can add the perfect lighting to any occasion, it can be integrated with intelligent heating and Audio/Video to get the most out of it. 

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It sounds fantastic, but how can one be in control of this technology, is it friendly?

Many companies, like Sonos, Loxone, Crestron, Savant have built a strong technology around the concept of "Control". Smartphones and Tablets are the most used tool to handle smart home technology, all of the companies mentioned above have been recognised for their extremely friendly mobile interfaces, thus providing a great experience. The major plus here is the ability to work from within the house as well as from afar. 

You can be walking up the Great Wall and still be able to manage smart heating all the way to your home. This is not limited to just heating: security issues, unlocking doors, turn off devices, and additional functions available with only one tap from a smartphone. Home automation is improving every day, so they also have other options - because you know, sometimes mobiles have no battery or data -, like motion sensors and keypads with many customisable options to choose from.

How can I get the right light ambiance?

Smart bulbs are excellent options, but if you´re planning on putting an intelligent bulb in each room, it may get pricey. In that case, you can look at the works of Lutron or Loxone, as they provide smart lighting systems that are state-of-the-art. You can have home ambiance, security, and energy-saving all in one.

Some of these companies can even go as far as integrating smart heating and audio/video to the lighting system.  Blinds and security elements, like smart-lock, can also be managed using just one interface from intelligent lighting. So you get to save energy while gaining control over multiple aspects of your smart home.

Smart home cinema

Can a Smart Home have a home cinema system? What do I need to know beforehand?

Basically, as long as you have space, it can be done. So maybe a 100-inch projector may not be an option for most people. However, there's plenty of solutions to get that home cinema you want and still use your current widescreen TV. 

The basic answer here is Soundbar & Subwoofer that will definitely upgrade your current set up. There are also multi-speaker/projector options, may be best suited for new homes or a whole house makeover because of all the cabling required, but if that, not an issue, you can go ahead. It gives a new meaning to watching TV as you know it. Again, a qualified installer should bring enough light into the matter in regards to space and budget.

Do I need to have extra space to allocate all the equipment?

If we´re talking about big Home Automation projects, there will be equipment used to control that needs to be there. Usually, the space under the stairs or cupboards is used for that purpose. Large TV sets no longer require too many cables, HDBseT technology comprises the picture, audio, internet, remote control, and energy aspects in just one cable. That technology is a great aid, and people should look more into it.