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Top 8 most wanted smart home technology

Smart technology have been increasingly getting more and more popular with shoppers looking to facilitate the convenience of a Smart Home. However, we are here to know what are the top intelligent home techs that really helps retailers truly satisfy the need of the customers.

SellHouseFast.uk completed a study study showing that 43% of the polled UK shoppers own at least one Smart device at home, and 43% of the same group are familiar with the benefits and features of smart devices.

When are referring to the most desired home tech. 72% of the UK people would say that video doorbells and security systems are definitely the most appealing ones  with 47% of these people already planning to purchase either one or the two of them in the next year or two.

However, the second place is taken by smart lights as 45% of the shoppers say that they want to install Smart Lights over the next two years at their home, which they could wirelessly and effortless adjust the colour and brightness of as well as schedule.

The smart lights are then followed by the smart heating thermostats that will learn the homeowners behavior (43%), next, the smart taps that regulate the water motion and temperature (22%), then the inbuilt speakers and LED shower heads both with 12%, and to close the list 11% goes to programmable digital showers, 10% digital fridge with a camera and 9% WiFi enabled buttons for instant orders that could be at risk of running out.

Once we consider the methods that Brits would explore for getting the correct advise on Smart Home Technology, 42% of the group of UK shoppers say that they would contact an intelligent tech manufactures such as hive or nest directly.  Unlike 39% of the customers that said they would more commonly use Google or other search engines online to get more information and references on their smart device in comparison to the 9% that are more than likely to ask around for recommendations on social media when they are looking for more information and find the suitable smart tech devices for their home.

The growth of the smart home technology over the years have been unbelievable and amazing. Despite having many customers that at the beginning were very skeptical towards having smart technology in their home. They have vastly improved their understanding and more affordable pricing has given smart devices a much higher appeal. This is definitely showing how everything has started to have a much firmer grasps of the smart smart technology they desire to have at home and would actively use them at all times.