Alarm Systems

Burglar, Smoke, Water leak, CO2
Smart Home
Protecting you and your family

Home security systems monitor your entire residence with the support of smart alarms. Enjoy the ability to protect your home using various sensors from motion to thermal. Each stimulating a unique smart alarm for a specific response. All security is important, that is why your home's security is securely stored to prevent unwanted access. Smart home security systems also assist when an issue arises. You will receive instant alerts direct to your phone or smart switches using the zonal identification of the problem area.

burglar alarm on mobile
Burglar Alarm

Detect entry attempts through closed access points using window and door sensors. Smart security can include live-feed cameras to offer an unique protection. Use the service to analysis your home. Don't worry about engaging false alarms, your smart home detects and analyses movements.

Smoke Alarm

Working with existing smoke detectors, your smart home system can produce custom alarms. Your smart home can send instant alerts to your smartphone and identify which alarm is triggered. Each alarm has the ability to result providing solutions like informing the fire department or check via cameras. Your home is always watching out for you and your family.

fire and water alarm on mobile
Water Leak Alarm

Enjoy the latest in wireless sensor technology. Strategically placed water detection sensors can watch your home for leaks. Utilising high-risk water leak positions, once in contact with water, each sensor will engage an alarm to notify you of an issue. Forget worrying about faulty appliances when your smart home can reassure you.

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Carbon monoxide (CO) alarm

Described as a 'silent killer' because it has no smell, colour and taste. Your smart home works to protect you from CO. Fast detection is essential - instant alerts and custom alarms notify you of the problem. Home Automates specialist configuration enables multiple systems to protect you. Once detected, smart blinds and windows can open to aid ventilation.

Smart room with natural lighting
Panic Alarm

Want more piece of mind? If desired, a switch can be configured to trigger an alarm when pressed. A unique alarm overrides all system to deter intruders or place a phone call to a specified number.

Instant Alerts

Alerting you is protecting you. Even when you away from the property, you will receive instant alerts or incorporate automated calls once active. Once you receive contact, you can tailor your response easily in-app or in-call. Why not use it to contact specific authorities, a trusted neighbour or family member.

Each alert can be bespoke and tailored to you to heighten your response to any triggers of your alarm system.


What can a bespoke system achieve? Anything you want!

Your Home = Your Rules

Each alarm can have a unique response to ensure you instantly recognise the problem.

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