Driveway gate and heating automation project for a Grade II listed property during a renovation of the property.

Client Brief

The client had recently purchased grade II listed building and was looking to update some aspects which we're being laborious and costly. 

First, was the electric driveway gates which were being controlled by temperamental button controls and meant that the owners were able to have the control they wanted whilst only over voice connection to any visitors. Secondly, they had an industrial boiler for the properties heating system and hot water supply that was continually working to re-heating storage cylinders. Due to the size of these storage cylinders, they wanted a system to only have the boilers on when the water had run out but also to have a year-long schedule, as the industrial boilers weren't designed to be repeatedly engaged, so the client wanted the boilers to only be left on during the winter months when heating was more frequently used.

Front gate at Wicken House

Our Solution

Home Automate utilised a Loxone Air (Wireless) system to minimise installation damage to the grade II listed building. 


  • Connection to the heating demand for the industrial boilers to  schedule a re-start following being off in summer months

Gate Automation

  • Reliable cabled relays to the driveway gates
  • Installation of Loxone intercom boasting one-way video and two-way audio
  • Intercom to allow more control over allowing access but also to heighten security through motion detection alerts


  • All features were fully controllable by all the client's mobile devices, however, due to their lifestyle, the client wanted more accessible control points located around the property.
  • So Home Automate installed wall-mounted tablet devices in the most used rooms so that the clients could use the live video feed when needed but also ease of use. 
  • To enhance the functionality of the control points, Home Automate installed several Google Wifi hubs throughout the property to create a seamless wifi mesh network to ensure that internet access was available in every room. 

Wicken Bonhunt, Essex

Date: September 2018

Project Summary

After purchasing a grade II listed building, the owners wanted to update and improve some of the existing features to make management simpler.

Key Elements

  • Gate automation
  • Smart heating controls

Project Status