Client Brief

The client approached Home Automate in May 2018 after recently purchasing their plot within the new Graven Hill development which was offering the opportunity for self-builders to create their own bespoke homes within a self-builders community.

Following an initial consultation with Home Automate, the client has highlighted several challenging factors which would also be firsts for the Home Automate team by desiring some custom elements to set their smart home apart from the rest.

The client specified that the smart home needed to be fully connected and reliable (a staple of our smart homes) but also offer a wow factor, especially towards entertainment and lighting. Each element within the property also needed to be fully controllable from the clients mobile when away and offer unique controls for each member of the family so they can enjoy their smart home.

We were tasked with developing an immersive bar and connected lounge area for entertaining through various speakers and entertainment systems for when hosting social events. In addition to this, audio had to be provided throughout the property but manageable from a single location. Furthermore, their expansive heating system required optimal control various a large tiled floor plan whilst also providing the ability to limit the heating in specific rooms due to the protection of their bespoke floor tiles.

Throughout the property, the client requested control over two large chandeliers and RGBW strip and spotlighting that fell in-line with there design plans. Security was also a large focus for the client, needing remote access but a self-sufficient system which provided instant updates on each part of the property.

Our Solution

Following the brief from the client, the Home Automate developed several proposals towards creating their perfect smart home until the client agreed that the best system was designed alongside the budget they'd got available. 


  • A custom application which combined with Google Assistant developed by our technical director which would allow the client to control their Loxone smart home through voice commands. Loxone currently does not offer this functionality so this will be a special and unique property in the Loxone spectrum. 


  • The project also included introducing RGBW spotlights within a false ceiling design to offer a vibrant and colour experience on demand including bespoke scenes for when the client would be entertaining guests. 
  • Included relay controls over extensive lighting through the property include two large chandeliers that run through the core of the property from the second floor to the ground floor.


  • Loxone speakers and music server was integrated to create a multi-room experience across 7 different rooms with a total of 18 speakers.


  • We worked with the clients underfloor heating supplier (Nu-Heat) to ensure that there were optimal floor temperature readings to protect their large floor tiles throughout the ground floor. 
  • This also meant ensuring that the system worked as designed with constant hot water circulation to ensure that heating would be applied on a room by room basis when requested.


  • Included a DoorBird 101S doorbell which offers motion detection, live video display, video recording and two-way voice interaction so the client would be able to manage this when away from the property but also be able to answer the door from anywhere inside the property within checking the door. 
  • Full external CCTV coverage with Lilin camera's means that the client has full knowledge of everything happening around their property. 
  • Bespoke security features were implemented to increase security at the property.  

Graven Hill, Bicester

Date: April 2021

Project Summary

The client was embarking on their first self-build property on the recently popular Graven Hill site 

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Multi-room entertainment system
  • Full external CCTV coverage
  • Google Assistant integration
  • Nu-Heat underfloor heating integration

Project Status

In Progress