Games room with smart lighting

Client Brief

The client wanted to have the full Home Automate range included into their home. Due to the age of the property the client required a bespoke solution for their switches to make sure it went inline with the house. A bespoke switch solution was created.

Custom smart switches in hallway

Our Solution

The clients request to create a full smart home on a large scale meant that extensive cabling had to be planned and also the team had to be flexible to changes in design from the architect.


  • Loxone RGBW recessed spotlights introduced throughout the property for customised scenes
  • Integration of third-party lighting
  • Cinematic lighting style specifically for the home cinema room
  • Inclusion of motion sensors throughout the property
  • Loxone pendent lighting above the kitchen island to create atmospheric lighting
  • External lighting integration for security purposes

Heating & Cooling

  • Wired control of the heating demand on the boiler
  • Integration of underfloor heating system
  • Loxone valve actuators integrated onto underfloor heating manifolds
  • Introduction of room temperature sensors inside wall switches
  • Integrated ventilation system including air purification
  • Combination with humidity levels and motion sensor activity
  • Swimming pool heating activation through relay control


  • A mixture of Loxone Touch and Touch Pure devices which boast temperature and humidity sensors. These allow the client to have autonomous heating controls and engagement of ventilation in desired rooms. Each device has 5 touch points that offer single, double and triple tap options to link to any aspect of the properties smart home system.
  • Motion sensors that feature motion detection and brightness sensors to integrate as lighting controls, audio to only play in active zones, heating to engage in active zones, blind controls for security purposes.
  • External motion sensors to work alongside external lighting
  • Custom Google Home integration to control the property via Google Assistants voice commands.
  • Instant push notifications to the clients mobile on any update regarding the property
  • Remote access to every aspect of the property


  • Introduction of Loxone shading/blind actuators to fit inside custom-made blinds
  • Blinds to close when low light levels are detected by motion sensor for security purposes
  • Custom scheduling for a more pleasant morning alarm clock
  • Combined with temperature sensors to manage heat being introduced to rooms by sunlight and can block sunlight to decrease room temperature, especially versatile in warmer summer months
  • Enhancement in privacy and security surrounding the property


  • 20 zone Loxone music server for different audio outputs for each zone or to combine zones together to suit any occasion
  • Recessed Loxone ceiling speakers in every room of the property for perfect background music
  • Integration of the Sonos speaker system for the home cinema room and centralised kitchen area for higher quality music experience at high volumes.
  • Inclusion of cinema projector (Sony 4K) and recessed screen for a high-level home theatre experience - Includes motorised drop-down of projector screen when commanded.
  • Integrated Kaleidescape home theatre system to download the latest high-quality films that are suited to project screens and cinema speaker positioning.
  • Multiple media inputs available (AirDrop, Spotify, Apple Music, Bluetooth)
  • 20x20 video distribution matrix for HD TV distribution to all screens in the property including the link of up to 20 video display devices that can be broadcasted


  • Internal and External IP security CCTV with motion wake-up
  • Internal and External video storage solutions
  • Instant notification of movement within a specific timeframe and activated modes
  • DoorBird intercome integration for two-way audio and one-way video feed to enhance front door security
  • Integration with motion sensors for presence detection when activated
  • All external door and windows featuring door/window contacts to notify if forced open or to assist in energy efficiency.
  • Water sensors on wireless technology mean quick detection of leaks in high-risk areas
  • Ability to coordinate each element in the property to 'close-down' when vacant
  • Simulation of the property being active to deter potential issues
  • Driveway gate performance and positioning including tampering alert

Renewable Energy

  • Introduction of the solar panel farms energy production monitoring and ability to re-sell excess back into the national grid
  • Control and performance statistics on a wind turbine
  • Electrical energy storage facilities to be preserved for when the property will be in use regardless of renewable energy production when being used.

Additional Elements

  • Introduction of a weather station for current property status which can provide suitable reactions to the security system to protect the property from blind closures when high winds are experienced
  • Valves added into the irrigation system throughout the properties grounds
  • Relay control of the swimming pools irrigation system for maintenance and prolonged longevity
  • The capture of rainwater in water storage tanks monitored by infrared sensors to display levels of rainwater captured and also when to expel water which has been stored for too long. This gravity-fed rainwater harvesting systems for non-drinking water functions such as washing machines and toilets means enhanced energy efficiency and lower water consumption.

Coventry, Warwickshire

Date: August 2020

Project Summary

A client was planning to develop a new holiday-home in their native Colombia. Following a discussion with Home Automate, they were confident that they wanted to integrate smart home technology.

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Multi-room entertainment system
  • Home cinema
  • Internal and external CCTV coverage
  • Underfloor heating integration
  • Smart heating system
  • Ventilation system
  • Shading
  • Extensive security
  • Remote control and notifications
  • Custom sensors used to make the property extremely eco-friendly

Project Status