Loxone cabinet under stairs

Client Brief

The client was undertaking their first houses with multiple occupancies (HMO) to be able to rent the property out on a room by room basis whilst also maintaining full control of the property. The client was sceptical about energy usage and also the security of the tenants so wanted full coverage of the property and high levels of personalised access. Furthermore, the client wanted to be able to minimise energy wastage and also have control of every energy output in the property. 

Our Solution

Our team installed a full Loxone system and worked alongside a construction team to amend the property layout, upgrades and wiring. 


  • Coded NFC security locks on each room door and also to allow external access to the property, by working in cohesion with electromagnetic door locks. 
  • This combination means that the properties rooms were able to have personalised codes and prevent access to other occupants rooms whilst the owners were able to have access logs to the main entrance to the property for security purposes. 
  • Integrated window and door contacts to minimise heating expenditure but also to maintain high security meaning that windows could not be left open for long periods of time within giving notification to the client. 
  • Each room featured motion sensors to maximise the energy efficiency of lighting and the ventilation system but also to be utilised as presence detection as a secondary alarm system.
  • External CCTV coverage and recording


  • Fitted Loxone RGBW lighting throughout the property in each room for the personalisation of the clients to suit the mood but also to create a positive atmosphere and selling point for the client to potential occupants. 
  • Through working with the motion sensors meant that the lighting usage would be limited to prevent high energy consumption when not required to preserve the client's investment.
Recessed loxone cabinet


  • Loxone valve actuators were attached to the heating elements in each room meaning that each occupant was able to control their heating independently to suit their preference. 
  • This also means that the clients have admin control of the heating to specify when heating can be active.
  • All rooms featured Loxone Touch devices to track temperature and humidity meaning that the heating can be allowed to function autonomously. 
  • A ventilation system was integrated to work alongside the heating which also meant that the bathrooms extractors fans were only active when in use but also to maintain the desired temperature throughout the property.
Doors in hallway with NFC Access

Rushden, Northamptonshire

Date: September 2018

Project Summary

The client was developing their first Houses in Multiple Occupation (HMO) and wanted to have maximum control and energy efficiency of the property at a distance.

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Full external CCTV coverage
  • Radiator heating management
  • Secure entrance and on a room by room basis

Project Status