Home cinema in Raunds

Client Brief

The client approached Home Automate in August 2019 seeking the development of their home cinema. The client had previously heavily invested in a high-end speaker set up with a high-quality projector for the ultimate cinema experience.

Our team then visited the property to gain an understanding of the types of components involved to see how they can be controlled whether it's infrared (IR) or in a trigger sequence from a core component.

Projector screen in home cinema

Our Solution

Following the initial consultation, Home Automate broke the automation into sections and installed them in parts when suited to the client.


Home Automate retrofitted controls for all the lighting circuits to control them independently and automate the process. This meant the client was also able to reduce the switches volume from 3 double gang switches to a single Loxone Touch Pure for a sleek finish and flexible controls. This also allows the client to have a timed dimming process on all different circuits.


The team also integrated with the rear blackout blinds, cinema curtains (side masking), top masking and projection screens via relay controls to give a high-end experience that means all the elements combined and we're perfectly timed.

The control of the components came from a mixture of infrared (IR) outputs that are programmed to be replaced from each controller to ensure control and trigger outputs from a main component that engaged the system's amplifiers and speakers. An IR output was able to control the projector too which meant engagement of the extractor fans automatically when the system is engaged. Smart sockets were able to independently control the room's ventilation and speakers as they we're a considerable expense on the client's utility bills.


The client needed to improve their home's networking as the listed building meant poor reception. We placed several Google Wifi hubs throughout the property to create a mesh networking which means the client can receive internet reception throughout the entire property.

Raunds, Northamptonshire

Date: Nivember 2019

Project Summary

The client had a bespoke home cinema set-up which included multiple remote controls which meant that the system wasn't user-friendly for anyone other than the owner.

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Customised cinema controls
  • Full home wifi coverage
  • Ventilation management

Project Status