Michigan, USA

Lighting & Heating Automation

Client Brief

A client in the UK had started a family-run property development company of bespoke homes in Michigan, USA. Following their enjoyment of their smart home system in the UK, they wanted to have a property which would boast a basic smart home package with the ability for the buyers to further integrate more elements in the future. This basic system needed to feature heating and lighting only but also be future proofed wired for future elements.


Our Solution

Home Automate worked alongside a third-party electrician to complete all the wiring in Michigan prior to the configuration by a member of the Home Automate team.


  • Loxone RGBW recessed spotlight was introduced into the property to provide the opportunity to suit the lighting colours to the occasion.
  • Loxone RGBW pendent lights were added above the kitchen island to create a focused display that matched the properties interior design.
  • All lights featured dimming functionality
  • All third-party lights featured


  • The property features underfloor heating and a single manifold which combined with the Loxone valve actuators allowed each area to be controlled independently.
  • Touch switches work as a control element but also monitor the temperature of the room to enhance the heating performance.


  • Additional cabling was laid for elements which require a wired connection such as blinds and ventilation, however, other elements can added through Loxone Air technology.
Michigan, USA
Client Description

The client was starting a new building company in the US and wanted a one-off smart home property.

Key Elements

  • Bespoke lighting solutions
  • Underfloor heating integration

Project Progress

In Progress